Thanks to the arrival of a plethora of social media sites, communication has become more mobile than ever. Instant messaging is in vogue these days. Be it in offices or among the group of friends, people enjoying chatting. And why not, this is the most significant time of social media.

There may be a number of ways through which you can send instant messaging to your friends. Just like social media profiles, you can also add instant messaging profiles to your iPhone contacts to start the quick conversation right from the Contacts app. Wish to know how you can do it? Here you are.

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How to Add Instant Message Profiles to iPhone Contacts App

How to Add Instant Messaging Profiles to iPhone Contacts

Step #1. Launch Contacts app.

Tap on Contacts App on iPhone in iOS 8

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Step #2. Select the contact.

Step #3. Tap on Edit from the top right corner.

Tap on Edit Contact on iPhone

Step #4. Scroll down and tap on add instant message.

Step #5. Tap on the social media (by default, you will see Skype.)

Step #6. You will have many options to choose from like, Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, etc. Tap on any social media which you wish to add.

Step #7. Now, you need to enter the social profile of the particular individual on the blank space of Instant Message and then tap on Done from the top right corner to confirm.

That's it! You have added the instant messaging. Now, you can start the conversation by tapping on the profile you have just added to the contact.

How to Remove Instant Message via Social Profile From iPhone Contacts

You have added instant messaging to a contact. But for some reasons, you no longer want it. Here is how to remove it.

Step #1. Launch Contacts app.

Step #2. Select the contact from which you want to remove the instant message.

Step #3. Tap on Edit from the top right corner.

Step #4. Scroll down and tap on the

red button next to instant messaging profile and then tap on Delete button.

Delete Instant Message via Social Profile From iPhone Contacts

Step #5. Tap on Done from the top right corner.

That's done!

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