Contacts with phone numbers needn’t necessarily be just plain old numbers. You can add extensions including pause and hard-pause (wait) to your iPhone contact numbers!

Apple introduced subtle changes to the mobile operating system iOS and one of these subtle changes is the way you can save contacts numbers with extensions. Now, this feature has been available for a long time but did you know that you can add hard-pause to your phone calls automatically?

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How to Add Extra Digits or Extensions to iPhone ContactsThat’s precisely what we’re going to take a look at in this post.

How to Add Extra Digits or Extensions to iPhone Contacts in iOS 7

Step 1: Tap on Contacts on the dialer app

Step 2: Tap the ‘+’ (top-right) to add a new contact. If you’re editing an existing contact, just tap the contact and then tap on Edit.
Step 3: In the phone number field, you type the number and then tap on the ‘+*#’ button to bring up more options.Add Extension to Phone Numbers in iPhone ContactsStep 4: For an extension number that you type immediately after dialing the number, use Pause. This adds a “,” to the phone number.

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Step 5: For a prolonged pause (like when the IVR goes on for a while before asking you to choose a number), use Wait and then key in the number.

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Step 6: That’s it. Make sure you test it out after saving the contact number.Add Phone Number Extensions to iPhone ContactsAdding extensions makes life simpler when you’ve got to call some services repeatedly. These may include, for instance, calling up your network provider, calling up the meds, using bank telephony etc.