How to Add Emojis to Your Favorite List on Mac? Easily Access Emojis Anywhere

It’s pretty simple to add Emojis to Favorite list on Mac. This adds your favorite Emojis in a separate section for easy access. Check out how to do it.

Emojis are always one of the best things to have on your iPhone or iPad while you are in a conversation with someone. They help us match the feeling and the talk altogether. Most of you might already be aware that Emojis can be used on Mac OS X as well. The thing to learn here is how to add Emojis to your favorite list.

Yes, Mac OS X automatically shows you the most used Emojis, but even then, if you wish to customize your favorite list of Emojis, then it can be done easily. The process is pretty easy and needs few click on your mouse. Just follow the steps given below and you’ll have your list of favorite Emojis.
How to Add Emojis to Your Favorite List on Mac

How to Add Emojis to Your Favorite List on Mac

The process can be executed on any app that supports Emojis. For this guide, we will follow Messages app.

Step #1. On your Mac, open Messages app.

Step #2. Bring the Emoji picker by pressing keyboard shortcut Control+Command+Space.

Control, Command and Space Bar Key Combination

Step #3. Inside Emoji picker, click on the small button located at the top-right corner.

Click on Button in Emoji Picker on Mac

Step #4. Select any Emoji you wish to have in your Favorite list and then click on “Add to Favorites” option on the right side of the window. Repeat this step to add more Emojis to the Favorite tab.

Add Emojis to Favorites on Mac

Step #5. After you are done with adding Emojis, click on the “Favorites” option in the window sidebar. Here you will find all the Emojis that you have added in Step #4.

Access Favorite Emoji on Mac

That’s all; from now on, in any Emoji supported app when you invoke the Emoji picker, you’ll see a separate section of Favorites. This will help you to easily use them whenever you need.

How to Remove Emojis from Favorite List on Mac

Bring Emoji picker by pressing Control+Command+Space on keyboard → Click on Favorite → Select Emoji that you want to remove → Click on Remove from Favorites.

Remove Emoji from Favorites on Mac

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