Add Emojis & Text on Photos/Videos in WhatsApp on iPhone

How to Add Emojis, Text, and Draw on Photos or Videos in WhatsApp on iPhone

Sharing funny photos and videos with friends in WhatsApp is quite exciting. I’m sure; most of you must be enjoying it a lot. The messaging app has now made sharing media more entertaining than ever before. Keep guessing.

WhatsApp has just been updated to let you add emojis, text or even scribble on your favorite photos or videos. It’s just the spice you would want to keep your friends on the edge. Let’s find out!

How to Add Emojis, Text, and Draw on Photos or Videos in WhatsApp on iPhone

Make sure to update WhatsApp to the latest version– 2.16.12.

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step #2. Next, select the person you want to chat with.

Step #3. Now, you have to tap on “+” button.

Tap on Plus Sign in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, a menu will appear. You need to tap on Photo/Video Library (You can also tap on Take Photo or Video.)

Tap Photo Video Library in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #5. Navigate to the photo or video which you want to share with your friends and tap on it.

Tap on Photo you Want to Send on WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #6. Now, check out the top menu. You have the option to rotate the photo, delete it, add emoji, text or even draw on it.

Photo Editing Options in WhatsApp on iPhone
  • If you want to rotate the pic, tap on the crop/rotate button at the top. Then, tap on the button at the bottom left to rotate the pic
Roate or Crop Photo in WhatsApp on iPhone
  • There is also an option to adjust the size. Tap on the window at the bottom right corner, then choose your preferred option
Change Image Size Ratio in WhatsApp on iPhone
  • Simply tap on the Smiley icon, select the emoji you like, drag it to the desired place
Add Emoji on Photo or Video in WhatsApp on iPhone
Move Emoji in WhatsApp Photo on iPhone
  • To add text, tap on the Text button at the top. Choose the preferred color of your text. To do so, just tap on the specific color. Write anything you want. Then, tap on the screen. Now, you have to drag the text at the desired place
Add Text on WhatsApp Photo on iPhone
  • In order to draw on the image, tap on the pencil button at the top right corner. Now, draw on the photo
Draw on Photo or Video in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #8. Once you are done, tap on the send button at the bottom right corner.

Send Photo with Smily and Text on WhatsApp on iPhone


That’s it!

You can now even use your display as a front-facing flash in order to capture better selfies in dim light areas. Besides, you have the option to zoom in while taking videos just by swiping up and down. Simply double tap on the screen to switch between rear and selfie cameras.

Recently, the messaging app had been updated to let you forward a message to multiple contacts or groups at once, tag people in a group chat.

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