How to Add Emoji To Emails in Mail App in macOS Mojave

Ever loved the idea of inserting emojis to emails? If yes, read on to know how to include emojis and cool symbols to emails in Apple Mail app on Mac running macOS Mojave!

Emojis have long been one of the hottest ingredients of conversations. And, I never miss a chance to get the most of them, especially when having a fun-loving chat with friends and colleagues. That’s why; I have welcomed their addition to the Mail app. So, how do you add emojis to emails in the Mail app in macOS Mojave?

It’s pretty simple to use the funny emojis in the emails. All you need to do is browse through the huge roaster of available options and pick out a cool one depending on the mood of the conversation. Even better, you can also enlarge and make them look smaller than their normal size.

How to Insert Emoji To Emails In Apple Mail in macOS Mojave

Step #1. To get started, you have to first launch mail app and compose a new email. To do so, click on the New Message button in the Viewer Window (alternately, press Command+N).

Launch mail app on Mac and compose a new email

Step #2. Check out the Emoji button at the top right and click on it.

Click on Emoji button in Mail App on Mac

Step #3. Now, you have access to a huge library of emojis and symbols.

Select Emoji to add Emails in Mac Mail App

Check out the icons at the bottom. They let you quickly dive into a particular category.

Explore the entire collection and select hilarious ones based on the theme of the communication. To include any smiley face, just click on it.

Emoji to Emails in Apple Mail on Mac running macOS Mojave

Enlarge the Size of the Emoji or Make It Look Small

After you have added the emoji, you will be able to enlarge or make it look small.
To make it look big: Simply pressing Command and “+” button or Alternately, you can choose Format in the menu bar → StyleBigger.

Tip: if you wish to go for a larger size, choose the keyboard shortcut.

To make it look smaller, select the emoji and pressing Command and “-” button. Or choose Format in the menu bar → StyleSmaller.

Enlarge Size of the Emoji or Make It Look Small on Mac Mail App

Tip: if you want to go for an ultra small look, use the keyboard shortcut.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrap up

Are you going to use these funny faces in your emails? Do toss up your thoughts in the comments below.

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