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How to Manage VIP Contacts in Mail app on iPhone and iPad

The Mail app on iPhone and iPad allows you to add multiple accounts from different email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Apart from that, one unique thing that Mail app offers is the ability to manage VIP list. You can add, edit, and manage VIP contacts directly in the Mail app of your iPhone or iPad.

VIP list is basically a list of contacts that are of top priority to you, and you would not want to miss any email from them. When setup correctly, you get a special notification on receiving an email from the VIP sender. Assuming that you have got the overall idea of this feature, let’s move on to see how to use it effectively.

How to Add, Edit and Manage VIP Contacts in Mail app on iPhone

The VIP Inbox is like labels/filters you find on most email clients. On my Gmail account, I have countless labels which segregate email depending on the “sender.”

On your iPhone/iPad, the VIP Mailbox functions in the same way. Whenever someone from your “VIP List” sends you an email, that email will be shown in your VIP Mailbox (and on the normal Inbox too).

Adding Contacts to VIP List in Mail App

Step #1. Open Mail App and navigate to All Mailboxes.

Step #2. Tap on VIP.

Tap on VIP in Apple Mail app

Step #3. Tap on ‘Add VIP…’ to add contacts to this VIP list.

Tap on Add VIP in Apple Mail App

Step #4. Select contact from the list to add as VIP contact.

Add VIP Contact in Apple Mail app

Note: The contact needs to be in the saved contact list, along with email address.

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Managing VIP Alerts in Mail App

Now, if you tap on the VIP Alerts option, you are taken directly to Settings → Notifications → Mail → VIP where you can edit the notification settings. VIP Mail is often important so having a banner notification would be great along with sounds that are unique to the VIP Lists.

Managing VIP Alerts in Apple Mail App

Wrapping up

Strange as it may sound (it did sound strange to me), many people want to delete the VIP Mailbox feature. Unfortunately, that is not possible. However, we have covered on how you can move VIP Mailbox down the list so it doesn’t hinder your normal email experience.

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Which email app do you use on iPhone/iPad to send or receive emails? Is it Mail app? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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