By now, if you have updated to iOS 6 and begun using the Mail app, you would have definitely seen the new VIP Mailbox feature. It brings the same functionality that you would find on the VIP Mailboxes of Mac OS X Mail app. It is pretty much there to help users get to the most important email faster.

Configuring Your VIP Inbox on iOS 6 / 6.0.1

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The VIP Inbox is like labels/filters you find on most email clients. On my Gmail account, I have countless labels which segregate email depending on the “sender.”

On your iPhone/iPad, the VIP Mailbox functions in the same way. Whenever someone from your “VIP List” sends you an email, that email will be shown in your VIP Mailbox (and on the normal Inbox too). There was this forum post where one user raised a question about email from VIP list contacts going straight to the VIP Mailbox (and not to Inbox). That is totally wrong because Apple has designed it in a way that the VIP Mailbox is more like the “Starred” label in Gmail. The emails are in Inbox too besides being shown in VIP Mailbox.

Adding Contacts to The VIP List

  • Open Mail App and navigate to All Mailboxes
  • Tap the blue icon on the right of VIP Mailbox labeliOS 6 VIP Mailbox Features
  • Tap on ‘Add VIP…’ to add contacts to this VIP listAdd VIP Contacts in iOS 6
  • Select contact from the list to add as VIP contact

Add Contacts to VIP List in iOS 6

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Note: (The contact needs to be on your Contact List in order to be added to the VIP List)

Managing VIP Alerts

iOS 6 VIP Alerts

Now, if you tap on the VIP Alerts option, you are taken directly to Settings -> Notifications -> Mail -> VIP where you can edit the notification settings. VIP Mail is often important so having a banner notification would be great along with sounds that are unique to the VIP Lists.

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iOS 6 VIP Notification Settings

But What If I don’t Want This VIP Things?

Strange as it sounds (it did sound strange to me), many people want to delete the VIP Mailbox feature. Unfortunately that is not possible. However, we have covered on how you can move VIP Mailbox down the list so it doesn’t hinder your normal email experience.

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