Apple has introduced lots of new features to iOS 8 and made changes in some existing features as well, whereas some of the features remained same as previous iOS. However for novice users it becomes difficult to find features which are there since ages. One of them is adding new credit card to iDevice in iOS 8. Procedure to add new credit card on iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 is same as last version of iOS, iOS 7.

Once you add card to iOS 8.x, you do not need re-add all the detail when you add your credit card for Apple Pay. It will fetch all the detail from iTunes itself; you will have to verify password only for authentication. Let's start with it.

How to Add Credit Card Details on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 8
Important: One moment, before we jump into it make sure that you are an organizer of family member in case, you are not an organizer you should delete your iDevice from family sharing and ask organizer to delete your device from Family sharing as well thereafter, re-login to your Apple ID.

How to Add Credit Cards on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8.x

  • Launch Settings.
  • Go to iTunes & App Store.

iTunes & App Store on iPhone

  • Sign in using your Apple ID & Password.
  • Tap on OK if pop-up appears for verification.
  • Once you signed into tap on Apple ID; Pop-up will appear.

View Apple ID in iPhone in iOS 8

  • Tap on View Apple ID.
  • Select Payment Information.

Tap on Payment Information in iOS 8 on iPhone

  • Select the card from the option which you want to use.

Add Credit Card Details on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 8

  • Add details such as your name address in BILLING ADDRESS.
  • Add your Phone number if not added.
  • Once you are done with the procedure tap on Done on top right interface.

Alternatively You Can Follow Below Given Steps:

  • Tap on App Store.
  • Tap on Featured.

Tap on Featured  in iOS 8 on iPhone

  • Scroll down to bottom and Tap on Apple ID.

View Apple ID from Apple App Store

  • Tap on View my Apple ID once pop-up appear.
  • Tap on Payment Information.
  • Select card and enter appropriate information in respective fields.

Now it is done! You can purchase apps or you can add your card to the Passbook app with the very information. You do not need to go from the beginning.

You can remove the card by following this steps: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap on Apple ID > Tap on View Apple ID > Select Payment Information > Select None > and then tap on Done on the top right interface.

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