How to Add Bass and Drum in Music Memos iPhone App: Enhance Your Track with Extra Effects

It’s damn easy to add bass and drum to a song in Music Memos app right from your iPhone. Even though it is easy, we have mentioned the process, have a look.

Good news for people who have a special love for music, as Apple has released an app called Music Memos which lets you create your own soundtrack with ease. The app is also smart enough to add bass and drum effect to your newly created masterpiece. Above all, the app is so simple that even a beginner can use it like a pro.

Music Memos app has many features, but today we will keep it limited to adding bass and drum effects to the track. The only tough part using this app is your talent of composing a new track, rest everything is a piece of cake. Assuming that you have your track ready, we can now proceed with the guide.

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How to Add Bass and Drum in Music Memos iPhone App

How to Add Bass to Soundtrack in Music Memos iPhone App

Step #1. Open the Music Memos app and tap on the File icon located at the top.

Tap on File Icon in Music Memos iPhone AppStep #2. From the list of tracks, select the one you wish to add effects to.

Tap on Track in Music Memo App on iPhone

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Step #3. You’ll then see a Guitar and Drum set icons located below the track. Tap and hold Guitar icon.

Tap and Hold Guitar Icon in Music Memos iPhone App

Step #4. This will bring option from the bottom, tap on “Bass”.

Tap on Bass in Memos iPhone App

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Step #5. Now tap on “Electric” or “Upright” depending on your requirement → You can now set the effect to “Loud”, “Quiet”, “Simple”, or “Complex” by dragging the blue dot as you wish.

Add Bass to Music Memos iPhone App

That’s how you can adjust the bass effect on a soundtrack created using Music Memos app. Okay, now let’s check how you can add drums to your soundtrack.

How to Add Drums to Soundtrack in Music Memos iPhone App

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Follow first 2 steps as above.

Step #3. This time you’ll have to tap and hold the Drum icon, located at the bottom of the track you selected.

Tap on Drum Icon in Music Memos iPhone App

Step #4. From the new menu that appeared from the bottom, tap on “Modern Kit” or “Vintage Kit” → Now select “Hi-Hats”, “Ride”, or “Tom” from the right side of the pop-up screen → Drag the blue dot inside the trackpad to adjust the drum beats.

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Add Drum in Music Memos iPhone App

That’s how you add bass and drums to your soundtrack. However, these virtual features won’t sync as per your exact requirement, but they will certainly help you get the most out of your soundtrack.

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