ActivityPro is a Cydia tweak that puts more sharing options in iOS 7. By default, many stock apps (and third-party apps) do not let you share a file/photo via other apps. This Cydia tweak overcomes this limitation by adding a new OpenIN option to the share sheet.

The tweak has been around since iOS 6 and was updated recently to support iOS 7. It's a useful tweak if you use some third-party apps from where you need to share files over WhatsApp or other apps.

ActivityPro Cydia Tweak

ActivityPro Cydia Tweak: Add Apps Like WhatsApp to Sharing Option in iOS 7

Say you are working on a document or an audio through a stock/third-party app. Once you're done with the file/photo, you want to share it from within the app to, say, WhatsApp. You can't share a file from a third-party app within WhatsApp. By default, iOS 7 doesn't have any option to share a file in a third-party app unless it's integrated (like Facebook/Twitter/Vimeo etc.)

That's where ActivityPro works best. It integrates a new option called ‘OpenIN' in the share list. This puts WhatsApp in the share list of iOS 7.

ActivityPro supports not just WhatsApp but LINE messenger too. One of the promo videos that I stumbled on showed that ActivityPro actually supports much more: Dropbox, iFile, etc. If you have the official app installed, that app is most likely going to feature in the share list provided by ActivityPro.

iMessage and Mail are not the only ways to communicate and Apple has to do something to incorporate the feature that ActivityPro brings to the table. But till it does, this Cydia tweak is definitely worth especially considering the fact that WhatsApp, Dropbox and other apps are also used very frequently. And sharing multiple file formats is increasingly becoming a necessity in iOS 7 (and is actually a very bad limiting factor).

Understandably, Apple cannot do it like Android but what's the point of not being able to share an audio recording done on a third-party app (or even GarageBand for iOS) over WhatsApp?

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  • Saurabh

    Any similar tweak for IOS 8

    • Activity Pro is not supported to iOS 8. And we are looking for alternative options. We will update as soon as we find another option.

      • DarkHorse

        Have you guys found any alternative?

      • MS

        Any updates?