Add Apple Music to Google Maps on iPhone to Listen Songs while Navigating

Do you listen to music while navigation? Check out the quick steps to enable playback controls for Apple Music or Spotify in Google Maps on your iOS device to start streaming your favorites songs during navigation with ease.

During navigation, most of us listen to music to either prevent fatigue from taking away the best moments or stay in the high-spirit. Recently, Google Maps introduced built-in music control to allow users to stream music from supported apps. And I guess, this new add-on could be a treat for many.

Being very fond of music, I’ve already added Apple Music to Google Maps on my iPhone. What about you? If you haven’t yet put your hands on this feature, let me help you get started!

How to Use Apple Music or Spotify While Using Google Maps on iPhone

  • Before you begin, ensure that you have the latest version of Google Maps. If you are not running the updated version of the app, open App Store → Updates → find the app and then hit Update.
  • On iOS, you can currently add music controls for only Apple Music and Spotify. I hope, the app adds support for more popular music-streaming services in the future.

Step #1. Open Google Maps on your iOS device.

Launch Google Maps on your iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on the menu button at the top left corner.

Tap on menu in Google Maps App

Step #3. Next, tap on the settings icon at the top right.

Tap on Settings icon in Google Maps App

Step #4. Tap on Navigation.

Tap on Navigation in Google Maps Settings

Step #5. Next up, tap on Music playback controls.

Tap on Music playback controls in Google Maps Navigation

Step #6. Up next, select Apple Music. Now, tap on OK in the popup to allow the app to access your Apple Music, video, music, and your media library.

Add Apple Music to Google Maps on iPhone

Note: Just in case, you want to go with Spotify, ensure that it’s tick-marked. Then, allow the app to access your media library.

That’s done! Going forward, you should see playback controls at the bottom of the app during navigation.

Besides, you can view your song title, album art, and also be able to dive straight into the app. Take advantage of them to stream Apple Music right from Google Maps while you are on the drive.

Later, if you happen to change your mind or find the playback controls a bit distracting, simply go back to the same setting and choose None in the end.

Wrapping Up…

One thing worth noting is that you must pay full attention to your surroundings while driving. I recommend you to take the help of music only to remain fresh and focused. So, do not let it distract you.

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