How to Add Apple Logo to Apple Watch Face

Unlike other brands, Apple keeps its iconic logo slightly un-highlighted on its products. That’s why you see Apple logo on the rear back of iPhone or iPad. The Cupertino-based company has gone ahead with its years of strategy and kept its logo on the back of Apple Watch too.

When you wear Apple Watch on your wrist, the logo remains hidden. As an owner of this precious wearable device, you would want to flaunt the famous Apple logo on the watch clock face.

How to Add Apple Logo to Apple Watch FaceSo, what if you wish to add Apple logo to Apple watch face, how would you do it? There is a trick that can fulfill your wish. Of course, it does involve some workaround but it gets the job well done for you. Let’s cross over to find out more!

How to Add Apple Logo to Apple Watch Face

Step #1. First off all, you need to find a Apple logo and copy it.

Step #2. Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #3. Tap on My Watch. Then, scroll down and tap on Clock.

Step #4. Tap on Monogram and remove preset Monogram if there any.

Step #5. Next up, tap on the empty text box and paste the Apple logo.

Step #6. Now, press firmly on your Apple Watch screen to go to watch face menu.

Step #7. Swipe left or right to choose the desired color face. Once you are done, tap on Customize.

Just in case, there is no color option available in the watch face presets, swipe right to go to selector menu and then tap on the “+” to add it.

Inside the color face customization interface, you need to swipe right to the complications selection tool and then tap on the center box.

Step #8. Up next, rotate Digital Crown in order to select the Monogram.

Step #9. In the end, Force Touch the screen to set the Apple logo as the watch face.

That’s it!

What do you think of reason to keep its logo hidden on the Apple Watch?