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iTunes Radio – a default feature in the Music app in iOS 7 – brings popular songs from almost every artist, genre, album etc. that you can think of. It was tooted as a competitor to the likes of Spotify and Pandora and judging by the number of people using it, that prophecy seems to have turned true.

One of the greatest things about iTunes Radio is its design and ease-of-use. Besides the stock stations that iTunes recommends based on trend, popularity and your own choices, you can create and customize your own radio stations.

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How to Add and Customize a New Station in iOS 7 Radio on iPhone & iPad

Here's how.

Creating New Stations in iOS 7 Radio on iPhone/iPad

You can create Radio stations based on artists, albums, genre etc. By default, the Music app offers you a collection of genres you can start from but you can also enter keywords of artists, albums etc. to start.

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  • Open the Music app
  • Tap on Radio from the bottom menu
  • Tap on “New Station” with the large “+” icon
  • Enter the keywords (artists' name, album etc.)
  • Or tap on any of the listed genres to start from
  • The app shows a set of results: the Top Hit shows an existing Radio channel/station, while all other results are sorted based on artists, albums etc.


Customize Radio Station on iOS 7

You can customize your station to: add more artists, genres or songs, to configure the “never play this” list and to delete the station. Here's how you can customize a station you added:

  • On the home page (of Radio), tap on “Edit” right above the My Stations list.

Customize Radio Station on iOS 7 in iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+
  • Tap on the station you want to configure

Configure Station in iOS 7 Radio on iPhone & iPad

  • CONFIGURE NAME: You can tap on the name of the station to edit it.
  • PLAY MORE LIKE THIS: Tap on “Add Artist, Song or Genre” to add more artists and songs to this station.
  • If you want Radio not to play a particular song, you can configure that in the Never Play This list. (although experience with this hasn't been exactly great. Sometimes, songs in the list do get played).
  • You can also tap on “Delete Station” to delete the station fully.

In the past, some users have reported that adding a lot of artists to a station – at once – has caused the station not to play. The trick is to add only a few artists at one go. Five or so.

Tuning a Station and Explicit Tracks

Somehow,  Apple made a mistake here: the options to tune a station for types of songs, and censors are put somewhere away from the Edit section of My Stations.

  • Play a station by tapping on it.
  • When the Now Playing screen comes up, tap on the little “i” icon.
  • You can slide the slider under Tune This Station. You can tune a station to play hits, or a variety or go on a discovery mode.

Tuning a Station and Explicit Tracks in iOS 7 Radio on iPhone & iPad

  • The switch next to Allow Explicit Tracks lets you censor/uncensor songs.
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You will also find that you can share a custom station via Facebook, Twitter, Mail etc. It's just a link that opens in the Music app.

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