How to Add an AirDrop Icon to macOS Dock

Many of you would like to add AirDrop icon to your macOS Dock for easy sharing. If you find this idea interesting, head over to give it a try on your Mac and let us know your thoughts about it down below in the comments.

To share files fast and smoothly between iOS and macOS, I prefer to use AirDrop. I really admire its easy-to-use functionality and the ability to get the job done without any loss of quality. For more convenience, I have added AirDrop icon to Mac Dock so that I can instantly access it for sharing files.

Do you also use Apple’s popular file sharing feature? If yes, then you would like to see it in the Dock as it would make the process a bit more convenient. If you ever wish to remove it from there, it would hardly take a moment or two to get it done.

How to Add AirDrop to Dock on Mac

Step #1. Open Finder window and select Go menu from the menu bar → Now, click on Go To Folder.

Click on Go to Folder in Finder on Mac

Step #2. Next, you have to copy the below-mentioned folder path and paste it into the dialog box and press enter.


Go to Folder on Mac

Step #3. Next, you need to click on the AirDrop icon and drag and drop it on the Dock.

Add Airdrop to Mac DockThat’s done! After you have added it to the Dock, sharing files is more straightforward. Just click the AirDrop icon and drag the file you want to share in the window and drop on a user.

How to Remove AirDrop Icon from Mac Dock

No longer want to keep AirDrop in the Dock? Well, you can remove it from there without breaking any sweat at all. To do so, simply drag it out of the dock and it will be gone.

Video: Add an AirDrop Icon to macOS Dock

Over to you

Which is your favorite medium for sharing files across iDevices and why? Don’t fail to let us know your feedback down below in the comments.

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