How to Activate Siri Without Using Home Button on Your iPhone or iPad

Siri has been of extraordinary use as such, however with the coming of iOS 8, the virtual assistant has gotten to be significantly all the more better. Alongside different enhancements, one thing that is much appreciable is the ability to enable a hands-free mode that permits users to make inquiries and perform tasks by simply first saying the words “Hey, Siri.” Below we break each that you require!

How to Activate Siri Without Pressing Home Button

Why would you need hands-free mode?

Now that’s a million dollar questions and for this we can think of no response for the individuals who truly don’t need a hands-free mode. At the same time, for those individuals who’d like to save even a second or two of their life (that simply goes in using the traditional method of activating Siri), hands-free alternative is incredible.
Other than sparing time, using “Hey Siri” will verify you’re safe while driving as you would you be able to use it without your eyes going off the road. You may utilize it to get directions, send a SMS or make a phone call or truly anything unless you need to give up on iPhone.

How to Use Siri in iOS 8 without Using Home Button

Again for this you have an exceptionally straightforward choice available. You can activate Siri by essentially saying “Hey Siri” but before you do that you’ll need to enable the feature. Do it as we have done underneath.

  • Open up Settings → General → Siri

Siri Setting in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

  • Allow “Hey Siri” and its done.

Activate Siri Without Using Home Button“Hey Siri” lives up to expectations in any circumstance as long as your device is plugged in, no matter if the screen is locked or if an application is open and running. Clients can just talk regularly, and don’t have to stop in the wake of saying “Hey Siri.”

Prior there used to be a “Raise to Speak” option however with the most recent update it’s gone and you have “Hey Siri” instead. So make good use of it, and shout in the comments below if you need some assistance.