FaceTime is a great feature of iOS and this is what makes your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch much more appealing. There are people who buy an iDevice only due to the FaceTime peculiarity, but at times they get disappointed when they come to know that FaceTime simply isn't available in their country. There's a good news for iPhone users in blocked countries in the Middle East – there's a new Cydia tweak that can enable FaceTime even in unsupported countries.

Apple mostly blocks the feature in some countries due to certain laws. As per them Apple is required to remove this app to be able to sell iPhones in those countries. In simple words this is because the carriers offering network to your iPhone have to comply with the rules of that country.

How to Activate FaceTime on iPhone in Unsupported Countries

So, if you just happen to live in a country where Facetime is blocked and you cannot use it on your device then the new MEFacetimeiOS8 cydia tweak can help. Here we have the steps to get you started with FaceTime.

How to Activate FaceTime in Unsupported Countries

Like most of the hacks, using this Cydia tweak is almost impossible without jailbreaking your iPhone, so we recommend you go for it first. Once jailbroken, follow these instructions to activate FaceTime in any unsupported countries, including in the Middle East.

  • The MEFaceTimeiOS8 tweak is available for free, so download it from Cydia and install it.
  • In the Settings app, look for MEFaceTimeiOS8.

MEFacetimeiOS 8 Cydia Tweak

  • While on it's preference page, tap on Enable FaceTime to get the missing feature back.

Enable FaceTime on iPhone with MEFacetimeiOS 8 Cydia Tweak

That's it! Once FaceTime has been activated, you can make normal phone calls and then tap the FaceTime option, or alternatively you can also make a direct FaceTime to FaceTime call by selecting an individual contact and tapping on FaceTime.

This Cydia tweak is expected to work smoothly on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and on iPhone 5 as well. However, if things don't go well for you and you run into any kind of issues, you can simply uninstall it and then connect your iPhone to iTunes to re-download carrier settings.

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  • khan

    hey sir my iphone is not facetime pleese help me

  • shaheen

    i had tried this tweak. yes it will register you in facetime and you will receive an email as well.. but once you respring after.. you phone will stop having data connection.. it will connect to wifi .. but it will not connect to a data connection. i tried to uninstall but it wont re activate your data connection. fortunately,. the latest firmware then.. 8.1.2 (i think) did support jail break and i had to restore to factory setting and re jail break.. i even send email to the developer but received no response. .. please do let us know.. if some one had this to work :)

    • Miahgee

      Also not workin for me