Safari underwent a massive overhaul in iOS 7. And in the revamped design, one important part of it was changed permanently: iCloud tabs.

Users of iOS 6 – when iCloud Tabs was introduced – will remember that the feature was neatly tucked inside Bookmarks. In iOS 7, the bookmark pane has been revamped to hold three tabs: bookmarks, reading list and links (shared by the people you follow on Twitter).

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So where’s iCloud Tabs? If you are a voracious reader who reads a lot on the web, across all your Apple devices, this is a very empowering feature. Not finding iCloud Tabs on your iPhone running iOS 7 can be a little terrible.

How to Open iCloud Tabs on the iPhone in iOS 7

Actually, Apple makes it super-simple to open iCloud tabs on your iPhone. But the way they’ve almost hidden it beneath tabs doesn’t seem so smart.

Without further ado, here’s how to access iCloud Tabs on the iPhone:

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  • Open Safari
  • Tap on the “tabs” icon as shown here. This opens the tab view.
  • Swipe down till the last tab and swipe a little further.
  • This will bring up a list of links under the devices in which they’re open: voila! Here’s iCloud Tabs!

How to Access iCloud Tabs on your iPhone in iOS 7

It’s a little confusing to think of why Apple would hide these tabs like this but a decent guess is that they’ve tried to unify the tabs and make them available from one screen. Now that the Bookmarks tab has been completely revamped, there’s no space for iCloud Tabs to exist separately.

Fortunately, on the iPad – which doesn’t feature the beautiful 3D-card display of tabs – you can access iCloud tabs by tapping on the iCloud icon right on the menu.

iPhone users will have to slide, slide, slide till you get to the last open tab and then up pops the iCloud tabs section. If it doesn’t, there’s nothing open in your other iCloud-connected iDevices.

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