How To Quickly Access Favorites Contents in iOS 8 Safari On iPhone/iPad

Though you could enable Favourites in iOS 7 and have the quick access to the entire saved up website links, it wasn’t as unique as it is with iOS 8. Apart from preserving all your favorite links, the newest iOS provides you the opportunity to get specific contents such as News, Popular, Mac Tips and Social from particular websites or blogs.

How To Access Favorites Contents in iOS 8 Safari On iPhone-iPad

You no longer need to spend hours to find out your desired contents from any website. Safari’s Favorites has done it for you with ultra convenience. Set it up to make the utmost use of this pretty effective upgrade! Here is how to quickly access Favorites contents in iOS 8 on iPhone/iPad.

(You can easily remove News, Popular, Mac Tips and Social from favourites in Safari if you don’t find interesting enough.)

Step #1. Launch Settings.

Tap on Settings in iOS 8 on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll down and then tap on Safari.

Turn Off Website Tracking in Safari in iOS 8

Step #3. Tap on Favourites under General.

Safari Favorites Settings in iOS 8

Step #4. There are four options – News, Popular, Mac Tips and Social.

iOS 8 Safari Favorite Options

Here, you can enable any option as per your need. You can’t select all your options at once.

That’s done!

How To View Your Favourites Contents In Safari On iOS 8

You have enabled Favourites to have the fast track access to your desired contents. However, somehow you are unable to find out how you can read them. Though it is quite simple requiring some basic steps, we have explained it just in case you may not be aware of the same. Let’s know how you can do it!

In our research, we had to take some different steps on iPhone and iPad respectively.

How To Access Favorites in Safari on iPhone Running iOS 8

Step #1. Launch Safari.

Step #2. Tap on Bookmarks from the bottom.

Tap on Bookmark Icon in iOS 8 Safari

Step #3. A new page will open. Tap on Bookmarks icon again.

Step #4. You can access your Favorites content from here only. Check out the Bookmarks with star symbol next to it. Tap on it to access the content.

How to Access Bookmark in iOS 8 Safari

You are done!

How To Access Favorites In Safari On iPad

Launch Safari → Tap on Bookmarks icon from top right corner → A new page will open, tap on Bookmarks icon again → All the Favorites will be listed, tap on the Favorites which has the symbol of star next to it → tap on the content which you want to read.

That’s it!