How to Access Drafts Emails in iPhone/iPad Mail App Quickly

No matter how many years you’ve been using your iPhone or iPad, there’s always some kind of a little trick that amazes you with its tiny attention to detail or useful little function.

You probably know this “featurette” already but for those that don’t, it can be helpful. Especially those that use the Mail app extensively and compose/save drafts and new messages on your iPhone/iPad.

If you compose and save a lot of drafts, you’re probably accessing them quite frequently. And if you’re accessing them through the Drafts menu in the Mailboxes → Gmail (or whatever email label you’ve got under accounts), you’re doing it wrong. Because there’s a faster way to get to the Drafts of all your email accounts.

How to Access Drafts Faster on your iPhone/iPad [Mail App]

  • Tap and hold on the Compose new message icon and you’ll dive right into the Drafts section.

I had just one email account added so tapping and holding took me to the drafts section where I had like four drafts saved in the email account. I was wondering what if I had multiple accounts? Which account’s drafts would I see?

So I added more accounts. And when I long-tapped on the compose icon, it takes me to the Drafts section but this one’s a generic Drafts section where all the drafts are visible, from all accounts. You can then choose to edit a draft, pick from where you left off, delete the draft or compose a new message altogether.

Just swipe on a draft to be able to delete it. Tap on the New Message link to compose a new message.

So if you use the Mail app, especially jumping in and out of the drafts, use this tip. Saves time. The beauty of it is that the compose-new-message icon is available on almost all screens in the Mail app.

I also got to know that this thing worked for Twitter too. Tapping and holding on the compose new tweet icon takes you to your Twitter drafts.