How Much 4K Video You Can Shoot on Your iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Before the Apple Event, people were all excited to know what is going to happen. Apple has always maintained an element of surprise before each event – whether it’s a product launch or a software announcement.

On September 9th, 2015, Graham Bell Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California was flooded with Apple fans, and among all these excited souls, top executives of the company made some significant announcements and launch.

How Much Video You Can Reord on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

People were obviously keen to know about iPhone and its features, especially 4k video shooting. Camera is always one of the selling points for any smartphone, and therefore, iPhone lovers had some great expectations from Apple.

However, people were also apprehensive about how much space the videos will occupy on their iPhone 6s & 6s Plus. Well, this question was rather annoying for buyers who are going to buy iPhone 6s & 6s Plus 16GB. Given the fact that iOS, apps, photos and other content will also encroach upon the space, how will they store videos shot with 4k video feature.

4k video gives much higher quality than 1080p, and this makes a single video heavier in size than other videos; as a result, you need much space on your iPhone 6s & 6s Plus to store 4k videos.

If you check the comparison between different video formats and their per-minute size, you will get a better idea about how much space each format will occupy on your iPhone.

  • 720p – 30 fps – 60MB/minute
  • 1080p – 30 fps – 130MB/minute
  • 1080p – 60 fps – 200MB/minute
  • 4k – 30 fps – 375MB/minute

Above figures clearly indicate that a 40-minute 4k video will eat up all your 16GB on iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, and this doesn’t include space occupied by iOS, apps, other photos and videos.

If you have an iPhone 64GB, you can store three hours of video; and on 126GB iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, you can take about 6 hours of video. This clearly shows that if you want to store more video content shot on 4k video, you need a bigger iPhone in terms of space. Is it Apple’s strategy to push iPhones with 64GB and 128GB space?