How iPhone Can Help You Look After Your Health And Work

Strike Work-Life Balance by Using iPhone

Technology and automation are often accused of creating distractions and killing productivity. Most people spend hours of their productive day staring at mobile devices, scrolling down the social media feed, or taking selfies. As a result, their health/fitness goes off the charts and they get a hard time focusing on their work. Ironically, the technology that is being considered as a productivity killer also helps to cope up with the issue.

The App Store boasts a panoply of project management tools and apps that can actually help people improve their health and create a better work-life balance. So, here in this post, we’ve put together a few points to give you a clear idea of what these apps do and which ones are best suited to your needs.

Strike Work-Life Balance by Using iPhone

iPhone health/fitness apps

iPhone health apps and workout apps have become more popular than ever. These are the kinds of apps that are designed to help people reach their health and fitness goals in their own comfort.

According to the Fifth Annual “Pulse of Online Health” Survey, more than 60% of the people in America prefer to use mobile health apps to manage and improve their health. From tracking diet and nutrition to getting regular medical reminders, people can use the best iPhone health apps available today in a variety of different ways.

How does it help?

  • It monitors your daily routine and finds new ways to help you elevate your diet and fitness
  • It allows you to store and access critical medical information (vitals, sleep pattern, allergies, medications, and more) in one central place
  • It keeps track of your prescribed medications and set up reminders to ensure that you don’t forget anything
  • In the case of a medical emergency, there are certain apps that allow you to get in touch with a doctor or family members with only one tap

iPhone work management app

Chat, discussion board, Gantt chart, virtual to-do list, time tracker, third-party integrations, etc. – a work management or project management app offers features that can help people organize their work and life, and get things done on time.

If you are struggling with your productivity and constantly missing deadlines at work, the App Store provides plenty of feature-rich iPhone apps that can help you stay on top of every task or project, no matter what. In fact, these easy, simple mobile apps allow individuals to collaborate with their team and continue working on the assigned project or task anytime, anywhere.

How does it help?

  • It brings everyone in the team together in one place, thereby improving both internal and external communication in the workplace
  • It maps out all the important details and makes it easier to efficiently plan every task or milestone in a project
  • It creates a virtual timeline where you can see all the tasks that you need to work on and suggest ways in which you can get it all done
  • It provides timesheets where you can see how much time you have spent working on individual tasks in a project and find out ways in which you can be more productive

If you’ve turned your life into a jumbled mess, you don’t have to do tons of things to get it back on track. Just download a few new apps for your iPhone and give your health and work the much-needed makeover. Go on, check out the range of apps available on the App Store.

Signing off…

Using technology judiciously can reap positive results for users. Technological advancements are aimed to make our life better. If we fail to understand the right meaning of technology and begin to use it without using our brain, it will surely overpower our minds. Use the smart devices carefully and get the best out of them.

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