Have you ever wondered how much of a hardcore Apple fan/fanatic you are? May be you pride yourself in being one of the most hardcore Apple fans ever?

Thanks to an infographic from MacKeeper, you can now find out – in points – how much of an Apple fan you are. It’s simple and it’s elegantly designed and it takes from almost everything that Apple fans are known to do.

From the oldest Macs to the founders of Apple (not two, but three) and from naming your pet with an Apple-esque nomenclature to selling your kidney for buying an iPad (this truly happened), you are rated with points according to the extent of sacrifice or action you’ve taken in the journey of your life with Apple products.

How Apple Your Are

This whole thing is not iPhone or iPad specific so if that’s the only device you’ve got, you’re going to be not so much of an Apple fan. But then, if you’ve got all the iPhones and iPads, you might just be one of the best Apple fans ever.

How Apple You Are Infographic

The infographic itself is amazingly crafted. The questions are awesome. I mean, I never thought people would’ve ended their relationships (or been forced to) due to their affinity for Apple products. (This is a trait exclusive to gamers, or so I’d been thinking so far).

Of course, while all this is insanely great, I must add: it’s good to be a fan but don’t overdo it. Like that kid from somewhere who sold his kidney to get an iPad. I wouldn’t want you to value a gadget more than a relationship. Much less, an organ from your body.

But do take the test and tell us how much you scored!

Source: mackeeper