How an iPhone Monitoring App Can Help Working Parents

Working parents have many issues to deal with – career development, fitness, and looking after children. Keeping an eye on children can be really hard as there is not much time left after duty hours. Monitoring children can be made easy by installing an iPhone Monitoring App like StealthGenie on their cell phone. It will help you in monitoring your children remotely and from where ever you are. So you can even monitor your children when you are at your work place.

How remote monitoring is done?

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For remotely monitoring your children’s activities just download StealthGenie on your child’s cell phone and let it handle the rest. It works secretly inside the phone and without disrupting any other feature. You can login to the StealthGenie’s dashboard for monitoring your child.

Stealthgenie iPhone Monitoring App

What can be monitored?

The most important thing that you will always want to know about your child is where s/he is. StealthGenie allows you to track your child’s location in real time and from anywhere. You can also view location history of your child to see where s/he had been. One great feature in location tracking is that you can set a restricted area and if your child enters that area you’ll get a notification. You can listen to live and recorded calls of your child. Viewing call history is also possible with StealthGenie. You can view text messages and emails of your child.

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Instant messages from Blackberry messenger, Google talk, iMessages and Whatsapp can also be read. You can view internet activities like internet browser history and bookmarked web pages. The best thing in StealthGenie is that you can view pictures and videos that your child shoots.

Remotely Control The Phone

One advanced feature in StealthGenie is that you can remotely control the phone. In case you child loses his/her phone then you can remotely wipe the data and lock the phone. You can also listen and record phone surroundings just by triggering a command.

Which cell phones are compatible?

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All iPhones that have an iOS version of 3.0 or above and are jailbroken will work smoothly with StealthGenie. Other platforms that support StealthGenie include Android and BlackBerry iOS.

So if you don’t have time to keep tabs on your children because of your busy then install an iPhone monitoring app like StealthGenie on your child’s phone and get rid of all worries.

Jignesh Padhiyar
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