One of the biggest misgivings about iPhone’s homescreen is that you cannot set a different layout for it unless it’s a jailbroken iPhone riddled with multiple tweaks. But one tweak wants to put that power into your hands. HomeScreenDesigner is a Cydia tweak aimed to let you create custom layouts for the iPhone’s homescreen.

With the tweak, there’s a ton of stuff you can do. You can increase the number of icons on your homescreen, you can get rid of the grid and have any kind of an arrangement, download layouts from other sources and more. Read on.

HomeScreenDesigner Cydia Tweak Design iPhone Homescreen on iOS 7

The default iPhone homescreen layout gives you 16 icons (iPhone 4/4s) and 20 icons (iPhone 5/5s/5c) on every page of the dashboard. You can’t change that. You can use folders to put more icons on the homescreen but the layout stays fixed. That’s one of the pet peeves for tinkerers.

Design iPhone Homescreen on iOS 7 with HomeScreenDesigner Cydia Tweak

With HomeScreenDesigner, you can go crazy with the layout. And it’s not like simple crazy: it’s totally so. You can remove all the grid-based system and have a totally unique layout that suits you. HomeScreenDesigner lets you modify every bit of the layout of the icons including those of the dock.

The Layout Maker is where you create your layout. You can tap on the “+” (top-right) to add icons. A long-press lets you add many icons at once. Then, it’s a matter of dragging and dropping the icons anywhere on the homescreen to create the layout of your choice. You can turn on/off the grid depending on how you want the icons to be aligned.

You can then save the layout and apply it to your present iPhone homescreen theme. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t require a respring. You can also go to the Uploaded tab to pick layouts available with the tweak. (made by others).

Like I said, you can go totally crazy with the layout but make sure the icons are well-spaced and easy to tap on.

HomeScreenDesigner is up on the BigBoss repo for $1.99. It’s compatible with all iOS 7 devices but you’ll have to wait a while before it works on iPhone 5s.

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    Not working with ios 9 :) its bad , where is the developer man :(