HomePod Features: Designed to Stand Up to Task Smartly

HomePod has got plenty of tricks to entertain you. Take a look at all the major HomePod features to find out what stands it out form the rest!

Apple’s Amazon Echo competitor—HomePod– has finally come out of long speculations. As expected, the home speaker has been designed to take on the rivals head on. Just a closer look at HomePod features and you know that Apple has done its homework pretty well.

Endowed with fantastic sound and adorable design, the speaker has been readied to win you over. It can carry out a lot of functions like playing your favorite music, controlling HomeKit devices a lot smartly. Let’s find out more about this brand new speaker from the Cupertino-based company!

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HomePod Features


HomePod sports a compact design. It’s “under” 7 inches tall and looks quite lightweight. Hence, you won’t have any difficulty in carrying it.

Seven-speaker array

The speaker comes with the seven-speaker array of tweeters on the bottom. Each has its own driver, and they use beam-forming.

It has a 4-inch upward-facing woofer that delivers fantastic sound.

Apple A8 Chip

The speaker comes with Apple A8 chip, same as the iPhone. It helps it work smartly with iOS devices.

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Highly functional

It automatically tunes the audio to the space you’re in. It detects the size and dimensions of the room. In other works, it can simulate a surround system by knowing where to direct different pieces of the song in the room.

You can use HomePod for latest Music, news & traffic updates, sports, general knowledge. Also set reminders, timers and write messages.

Enjoy Music At its Very Best

Inside HomePod, it is Apple Music lets you make the most of your music time with absolute fun. It boasts of amazing audio quality; echo is responsive and fast.

The Smart Siri

There are as many as microphones on it. You can say “Hey Siri” to it. It shows a little Siri-esque waveform on top.

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HomePod Control HomeKit Devices

You can control your HomeKit devices. So, now you don’t need to depend on your iPhone to handle your smart home devices.

You can easily trigger it just by saying “OK, Bono.”


The speaker is available in only Space Gray and White colors.

HomePod Release Date

It’s set to ship in the US, UK, and Australia in December.

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HomePod Price

The starting price of the device is $349.

HomePod Video Introduction


Wrapping up

What’s your take on HomePod? Has it actually been designed to compete with Amazon Echo? Share your valuable thoughts with us in the comments below.

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