Whether you’re buying the Apple Watch or just renting it from some gadgets rental company to decide whether to buy it or not, you’ll need a stand/dock for it (if you don’t want to keep your pricey gadget on an uncool table). Griffin just announced its charging WatchStand for the Apple Watch, and now we have another one coming our way.

Twelve South, a company which produces accessories and cases, including HiRise, exclusively for use with Apple Inc products, has announced its latest HiRise Apple Watch dock with charging stand designed especially for docking your Apple Watch.

Twelve South HiRise Apple Watch Stand DockWith the HiRise watch stand, you can not only show-off your device in style, but also access all the buttons easily for handy manipulation, thanks to the stand’s perfect elevation for the watch.

The stand provides a tilt with a degree that is just made for your comfort, while you use your watch during its charging.

Along all this, HiRise for Apple Watch is an elegant, modern stand that showcases your beautiful new high-tech timepiece while you charge it overnight — and believe me you wanted exactly this.

The company says, “It only takes a moment to insert (or remove) your Magnetic Charging Cable, and it can be used with any style Apple Watch band, including closed-loop metal bands.”

There’s a metal base to keep your Apple Watch in place. The stand features silicone accents to offer scratch protection and it also has a non-slip rubber base for keeping the HiRise in place while interacting with the device. You can get the dock in two colors: silver and black.

Every Apple Watch, including a Sport with the bright blue band or an 18-Karat Gold Edition with the red leather band, will look great resting atop HiRise. So, get your HiRise now from Twelve South. The watch is shipping in May and will cost $49.99 only.

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