In today's world, it's very difficult to keep personal privacy safeguarded. No matter how secured your personal information may be, there is always a threat of intrusion.

More often than not just like any other person in the world, I'm bothered about some of my personal stuffs like photos or album. Though I can protect apps using Touch ID or passcode, nothing can assure me of full proof security. What if someone is able to bypass Touch ID or passcode set on my iPhone, won’t my personal photos be hacked? Is there any way I can turn my images into something that can't be recognized?

Hide Photos with Cloaks iPhone App

Cloaks iPhone App – Flawless Security to Your Photos

Meet Cloaks iPhone app! It has been developed to provide your photos multi-layer of security which would be almost impossible to be hacked. It is equipped to transform your images into something which even you would not be able to discern—let alone others!

How Does Cloaks Work
Whenever you cloak any photo, this app provides you option to split it into small pieces. You can choose to go with the default option or if you want to make the image more safeguarded then you have the option to cut the image into up to 10000 pieces. Just in case you wish to reshuffle the image, then you can split it into 2 parts as well.

  • Since every image is cloaked with the use of different algorithm, you have sort of invincible security. The clocked photos are auto-saved in this app. To make the task of sharing images easy, you can create a Favorites list. Moreover, it allows you to modify your photos as well.
  • This app is protected by a five digit passcode lock. Hence, whenever you wish to access your cloaked photos, you have to enter passcode to unlock it.

Flawless Safeguard to Your Photos
All your photos are cloaked and kept separately. The photos have an altogether different appearance from the real ones. In other words, the cloaked photos look out and out unrecognizable. That’s not all, the passcode lock ads another layer of high-handed security to the images.

Doesn't Change the File Format
The best thing about this app is that it doesn't change the file format of an individual photo. It simply transforms it into an unrecognizable thing with a view to offering it the much needed protection. That’s why; you can easily share the cloaked image through apps like, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

More Features to Come In the Next Update
As of now this app doesn’t have the option to decloak the photo sent to others. For example, if you happen to send a cloaked image to your friends, they can't declock it. Likewise, if someone sends you a cloaked image, you won’t be able to decloak it even though you are using this app.

You can declock only the photos which are there in this app. Further, there is no option to share any image right from this app. The developer has confirmed that these features will be added soon in the future updates.

Designed To Offer Ultimate Security
Cloaks has been developed to secure your photos. It works as expected. All your images remain fully secured within this app. If you desire to provide your images invincible like safeguard, this app would be the perfect foil for that—and even more!

Getting Started With Cloaks iPhone App
Once you have installed Cloaks on your iPhone, launch it.

Step #1. Setup the five digit passcode then answer security question.

Step #2. Next up, you need to press on the screen to cloak any photo.

Step #3. Now, you have two options-either to capture a new photo or select an existing photo. You would need to allow this app to access your Camera or Photos app. You can go with any option as per your wish. In this test, we will cloak one of the existing photos. Tap on the album icon.

Step #4. Next, you will have the access to your albums. Select any album you want.

Step #5. Choose the photo which you wish to cloak and tap on Done. You can select more than one photos to cloak at a time.

Step #6. Up next, you have the option to split the photo into pieces. By default, this app splits the photo into 30×30 pieces. However, you can drag the button left or right to cut the photo into more or less pieces.

Step #7. Once you are done, tap on Save from the top right hand corner.

That’s it!

How to Decloak Image in Cloaks App on iPhone

If you wish to decloak the image which you have saved in Cloaks app, you can do it easily.

Step #1. Launch this app on your iPhone and enter the passcode.

Step #2. Tap on album icon from the bottom. Open the album and tap on the photo you want to decloak.

Step #3. Tap on Decloak from the bottom left corner. If you want to save the decloaked photo, tap on Save from the bottom left.

If you want to Change Album, Make favorite, export original photo to iPhone or export cloak to iPhone, tap on the tiny three dots from the top right and select your preferred option. Tap on Save in the end.

Price: Free, $0.99
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