How to Hide iTunes and App Store Purchases in Family Sharing in iOS 8

The technology offers us a lot of things, and when it comes to Apple products and services, we have higher expectations. Even further, most of our expectations are fulfilled by the tech giant, and this is the reason, we all prefer going for world-class products by Apple. With every latest Operating System (iOS) or gadget (say, the latest version of the iPhone or the iPad), Apple comes up with something new making us all curious. Family sharing is one such wonderful features Apple offers.

On the Apple store, family sharing brings us a lot of benefits as you can share stuff with your family members whenever you want. Said that each of your family members would be able to access the purchased item from the account. While this turns out to be a unique feature, there comes a little bit of worry about it. How? Let’s ponder over the topic!

Imagine you purchased some “R” or “A” rated movie and want to share it with your spouse or a family friend. But then, in the family member list, there are some kids as well. Considering today’s generation that is more technologically advanced, you will have to hide certain things from them. If you do not hide, they’d probably ask about it, and you will find no port in a storm! This is one such example, but there could be many circumstances wherein you do not want the family members to see purchased items.

To avoid all these hassles, Apple comes with a feature called “Hiding App Store Purchases.” Yes, this is possible by following some simple steps. Here we come with a guide on how to hide iTunes and App Store purchases in family sharing. Learn and enjoy privacy.

How to HideApp Store Purchases in Family Sharing in iOS 8 on iPhone/iPad

Step #1: First, make it sure that you have “family sharing” set up.

Step #2: Tap the App Store on your iPhone.

Tap on Apple Store on iPhone

Step #3: On the right bottom corner, you observe the tab “Updates.” Tap and open it.

Updates Tab in iPhone in iOS 8

Step #4: Upon Tapping it, you will see a tab labeled “Purchased.”

Purchased App Tab in iPhone in iOS 8

Step #5: Tap on “My Purchases.”

My Purchase in iOS 8 on iPhone

Step #6: This will display you the list of applications that you have downloaded from the Apple Store.

View Purcahsed Apps on iPhone in iOS 8

Step #7: The trick comes with swiping. Swipe the app from right to left. Do this unless you see a button labeled “Hide.”

How to Hide App Store Purchases in Family Sharing

Step #8: This is the key! Tap on the “Hide” button and that particular app is not visible to your family members anymore!

Follow Below Given Steps If You Wish to Hide Purchased Apps on iPad

Step #1: Tap the App Store on your iPad.

Step #2: Tap on Purchased

How to Hide App Store Purchases in Family Sharing on iPad

Step #3: Swipe the desired app from right to left.

Hide App Store Purchases in Family Sharing on iPad

Since now you are secured with hiding app store purchase features, we’ll explain how do you hide iTunes purchases in the option of family sharing.

The major difference between these two “hiding” is the iTunes guide would require a computer as it is all about hiding using a desktop program. This action cannot be done using the iPhone using iTunes Store App. Said that you must need a desktop program of iTunes with an internet connection to perform this ‘hiding’ items from other family members.

Following these simple steps, you’d be able to hide movies, music and TV stuff from your iTunes.

How to Hide iTunes Purchases in Family Sharing in iOS 8

Step #1: Run iTunes on your desktop or computer.

Step #2: On the top of your screen, you see “iTunes Stores.” Click on it.

Open iTunes on Windows or Mac

Step #3: This takes you to the homepage. On this page, you observe the “Purchased” link. Click on it. This is located on the right-side column.

Click on Purchased in iTunesStep #4: Clicking upon it may ask you to log into your account. Do so.

Sign In with Apple ID on iTunes

Step #5: Following this instruction will take you to the customized page of your account. There, you can see all the items purchased from the iTunes store. The list could have music, movies, TV show or applications. The list may also show items and things that are only on your iCloud account.

Step #6: Select the items you want to see.

Step #7: Identify the items you want to hide. Hover the cursor over it.

Step #8: By hovering the cursor, you will be displayed with a “cross (X) sign” on the top left of the selected item.

Hide iTunes Store Purchases

Step #9: Upon clicking “X”, a popup will appear; Click on hide and the item gets hidden!

How to Hide iTunes Store Purchases

This step-by-step guide for hiding purchased items from iTunes and App stores is extremely useful when you do not want to show the things on your personalized account through shared. While this feature of “hiding” is used mainly by parents, it is not limited to them. Anyone who wants privacy and does not want to disclose what all things he or she has on App Store or iTunes account with family sharing setup can use this and remain worry-free.

Please note that Apple provides you with hiding items from your iTunes and App Store account with family sharing feature and also to “unhide” them as and when you want. If you feel that the particular items are no longer to be kept hidden from the family members, you can simply “unhide” them. With this flexibility and freedom, you have just learned one more thing here to personalize your iTunes or App Store account on Apple. Follow the guide and ensure privacy.