Listening to some interesting podcasts has been one of my favorite indulgences. That’s why I never fail to catch up with the podcast that I really like on my iPhone. With Apple Watch, it’d be great to listen to podcasts even on the fly. Unfortunately, the Watch doesn’t have the feature to let you sync podcasts from iPhone.

However, as long as you have a very handy app like HiCast on your Apple Watch, you would easily be able to listen to podcasts from iPhone. Let the iPhone rest in your bedroom or office while you are making the most of your favorite podcasts in the garden or canteen.

HiCast Apple Watch and iPhone Podcast App

Customize the App as You Desire

Customize HiCast to your best liking. With this app, you can create your own personal podcast channels in order to listen to episodes conveniently. Besides, you get the option to create bookmarks from podcasts to access them with utmost ease.

Depending on your preference, you can create your personal playlists to access specific episodes quickly. In addition, it lets you share bookmarks as well.

Remain Fine Tuned

It features voice feedback to enable you to get started with your preferred podcast instantly. You can enable auto-refresh to keep the podcast feeds up to date. If you don’t want to download episodes manually, you can auto-download them.

It offers both video and audio AirPlay support. The visual chapters support greatly improves the quality of podcasts. You can play any episode without having to download it.

New Add-Ons

In the latest version of this app, it features Edit Menu to provide quick access to bookmarks, share as well as search. You can now import & export OPML if you want to have subscriptions exchange with other podcast apps.


It is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPad and Apple Watch and requires iOS 7 or higher.

Worth A Try

If you are fond of tuning into podcasts and wish to get on with them with more convenience, then HiCast can be worth giving a look at.

Price: Free
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