If you have itchy feet, HeyLets is one of the best travel apps for you to store in your iPhone. This cool app has been recently updated by its makers. The new version, which has been updated last month, has got a completely new interface and it allows you to see what is happening in cities around the world.HeyLets iPhone Travel AppHeyLets Travel App for iPhone

Before you set out for any trip, you must have booked your tickets, hotel rooms & tour guides. You have packed your backpack with every possible article that you require during your trip. But most importantly, do you have any genuine reviews on the destination, how is the food, what are the attractive spots and thousand other things related to its locale? The best information comes from the locals, who can give you a neutral review on everything regarding your chosen destination. This app does just the job.

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The app works according to your interests, which are categorized into five major interests viz. Classic, Hip, Edgy, Elegant and Stylish. HeyLets has further categorized these major interests into sub-interests. For example, if you choose Classic, you need to further choose Blockbusters, Watching Sports, Fitness & Exercise, Pubs & Bars, Kids & Family Activities, Walking the Dog, Outdoor Recreation, Casual Dining, Bowling, Lasertag & Paintball. Similarly, for each main interest, you are required to choose sub-interest.

Once your profile is created, you are ready to use this app to the most. The app is created on a simple principle: discover new experiences recommended by locals. Whenever you hit any unexplored land, what you expect and bring home is an experience because an experience – good, bad and ugly – is important for you.


Before you travel any destination, explore what locals recommend on the venue. On HeyLets, you can scroll through an excellent feed of hidden gem, exotic new places and unforgettable experiences. You can filter experiences by categories, from watching sports to organic & health foods, extreme sports to galleries & exhibitions and international cuisine. Or you can search by keyword. Moreover, the app also allows you to find things to do on your upcoming trip and Wishlist the experiences you want to try. Once your trip is over, you can also recommend your experience to your group members. Share a photo or video along with a short description about what you have done and what made it great.

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You can lend your helping hand to others to explore your locale by sharing your experiences. Be the topper in your city or be an influencer in a specific category. What you have done or loved can help others who enjoy the same things discover something great!

HeyLets is a traveller’s best companion, and hence this app should be on every voyager’s iPhone. One of the best things about this app is that it gives first-hand experiences of people, who have tried and tasted everything you want to plan.

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