Rumors → Leaked schematics → 3D renders based on the schematics: anything that follows this pattern should be taken with a large grain of salt. And what follows is something very similar.

Earlier this week, we wrote about the leaked schematic diagrams showing iPhone Lite/Light, the budget iPhone and the iPhone 5S. The schematics were purportedly obtained from Apple’s supply chain sources – this claim often rings a warning bell. However, a case maker/designer went on to produce some renders based on it.

Today, AppleInsider has utilized its design prowess to work out a 3D render – all glossy and aluminum-shiny like the iPhone 5 white – of the alleged budget iPhone. In many ways, it looks a lot similar to iPhone 3GS with a slightly curvy design.

3D Renders of iPhone Lite

One reader points out: “It’s the iPhone 3GS all over again!” although it’s not completely true. The renders look similar but aren’t to iPhone 3GS. There’s a hint of the sharp corners in the design.

The renders themselves are clearer views of the renders we saw earlier. Based on the schematic to a T, the iPhone Lite render has lightning dock, large audio jack at the bottom with what appears to be speakers (mono?). The pill-shaped volume buttons are shown clearly. The iPhone Lite render shows a device that’s very smooth and curved at the back.

Remember, the iPhone lite is supposedly made of plastic (high-grade nevertheless) and it’s also supposedly about to come in various colors. The AppleInsider render, however, seems to show an iPhone that’s of the highest quality made out of high-grade metal. It’s just a render though.

How would iOS 7 look on this new design? This is how:

iPhone Lite 3D Render

If thickness not be a comparison point, the iPhone Lite looks a lot similar to iPod Touch than to iPhones.

There are indications that accessory makers are once again betting their bucks in this design and have already started producing cases for the rumored gadget. Well, it’s not something new but at the same time, it’s one of the most interesting things to see.

Budget iPhone’s release has been speculated to be around September-October, pretty much the same time as iPhone 5S.