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One reader brought to our notice this “apparent” bug: when you export photos (with iOS 7 filters applied on them) to iPhoto/ImageCapture etc., the filters are not exported with the photo.

As one commenter on the discussion forums put it, think of the filters as some “setting” of the photo. It's not applied when you export the photo and that kind of sucks because when you apply a filter, you want that to be applied completely even when you export the photo. But there's a workaround.

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How to Export iPhone or iPad Photos with Filters in iOS 7

Incidentally, the filters are iOS 7/iDevice-centric. So the no-filter-in-export occurs only when you export the photos directly to the computer. Two other share/export options exist that export the photos WITH the filters.

How to Export iPhone and iPad Photos with Filters in iOS 7

Step #1. Open the Photos app and navigate to the album in which you have the photo.

Step #2. Apply the filter that you want to add to the photo.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+
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Step #3. Once done, click on the share icon.

Step #4. Either choose iCloud to share to a stream or Email the photo to yourself

Obviously, email can get tedious if you've got a lot of photos to export. That's where photostreams come in handy. It's still a long, winding way to get the job done, but as far as I've seen, this is probably the only way to preserve the photo filters.

With the export to the photo stream, the photos get uploaded with the filters intact. You can then download the photos individually from iCloud.com (make sure the photostream is “public” so you can access them just through a link).

Not exactly a clean workaround but until iOS 7 lets you export photos with filters on them, I think this should fly.

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  • Linoe

    I use FonePaw iOS Transfer to export the photos from iPhone to my PC or Mac. You can download individual photos or select the ones you want and export them quickly.

  • Martin

    I found another very easy way to do the job: Download iExplorer (freeware) and browse the Folders PhotoData/Metadata/DCIM/XXXAPPLE. You’ll find everything there…

    • d

      im am there right now… i didnt find shit

  • Steve Trewick

    Hi Jignesh, I also had this problem, that’s why I wrote Phoreal, an app which you can use to get all your filtered photos imported into iPhoto. It is now available on the app store at

    • Josh

      For iOS 8, does anyone know if there is a way to remove filters for multiple photos at a time? My gf accidentally left a filter on and took over 11k photos with it. Any procedure or app recommendation would bevgreatly appreciated!

      • Umang Bilaney

        connect your iphone with a pc and go to DCIM and you will find all the photos there without any filter

  • Philippe Brown

    Hi there. Tried to use your Stream option but the pictures appear unfiltered in the stream. Is there anything else I should be doing?