HelloTalk iPhone App to Learn Foreign Languages

HelloTalk Language Learning iPhone App

Social channels have opened up avenues to connect with the world. From the comfort of your home, you can interact with people who are residing in far off countries. Whether it’s a professional or personal communication, you have to rely on a single language – English.

But not everybody knows this language. People like to talk in their own language. Communication channels connect entire world on different platforms. Though English is accepted as an international language, there are millions, who do not prefer this as their first language. It is conveniently placed on the second pedestal by many.

HelloTalk Language Learning iPhone App

As a global villager, you need to interact with people from different countries and creeds; at this, if you could speak their languages, you can easily win their confidence. But the question always looms there: how would you communicate with them?

Let’s use HelloTalk. This one is a cool app for all language learners across the globe. Why is this one of the best tools to learn a language?

Choice of languages

As a user, you can choose to learn from more than 100 languages. Native speakers are the best source of learning language, and therefore, this app has native speakers from around the world; they can teach you the language you want to learn. Earlier, it was very tough to learn any language; but HelloTalk’s intuitive tools provide a never-before experience.

Get Started

Once you download the app (it’s free), you can register yourself on the app with your Gmail/Facebook/Twitter. Once everything is set up, you can start searching language experts. Please make sure that you choose your native language and the language you want to learn from the Best Match. The app will show different profiles of native speakers; you can tap on each one and check their learning points. Based on their learning points, you can ask questions and interact to learn the language. Once you decide to interact with somebody, just send him/her a request to be a partner with you. Tap on ADD PARTNER icon on the profile page of the match.

Voice to Text and Text to Voice

Voice to Text with Comments in HelloTalk iPhone App

Any language has four components: reading, writing, speaking and listening. HelloTalk deals with three major components; since writing cannot take place here, it is eliminated from the interface. The other three components are well taken care of. With your best match, you can send messages by converting voice to text and text to voice. In return, you will be corrected if you have committed any mistake. Moreover, the pronunciation feature tells you how to pronounce any word or a sentence in a foreign language you are learning. Appreciate the translation tool of HelloTalk that can translate your spoken words into the language of your choice.

Free VoIP Calls

Talk to your language partners via VoIP; it’s free. The app has a cool VoIP facility, which enables you to make and receive free calls to and from your trusted language partners. The sound quality gives you a crystal clear voice from the other end. Whenever you have any doubt about anything, just talk to your language teacher and sort out the problem.

A Word a Day

Every day learn something new: a new word, idiom, phrase or a new expression. And you can create your own archive of those foreign language words, audio files, grammar corrections, pictures and more. HelloTalk allows you to store such things as Favorites.

Learn the correct grammar

HelloTalk Grammar iPhone App

Grammar is the key to learn any language correctly. Ask your partners to correct your mistakes in grammar, syntax, pronunciation and other small errors. Once your mistakes are rectified, you can add them to Favorites. This gives you an opportunity to learn a language in the most natural atmosphere, where real-time communication teaches you how any language is used in the real world.

HelloTalk is a unique new way to learn foreign languages in the most friendly setting. The interface of the app easily removes that mentor-protégé severe set-up, where only one-sided communication takes place. Use this app and make friends-cum-teachers.

Price: Free


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