Just when you thought enough of this Harlem Shake videos (even Google did it!), we’ve got two new “Harlem Shake”s done not by people but by your iPhone. More precisely, the lockscreen and the homescreen icons!

Yup! You read that right. And frankly, it’s really humorous. What’s more? You can actually have your iPhone icons do the Harlem Shake by downloading the tweak!

Update:  Now you can get Harlem Shake on Your springboard as well. Read more for how to.

@Bensge has created a cool tweak that can be installed on all jailbroken iPhones. Although it isn’t available on Cydia right now, you can still get it from his private repo which is at

iPhone SpringBoard And Lock Screen  Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake – iPhone Lockscreen Version [Video]

The Harlem Shake video shown here merely applies the thing on the lockscreen elements. It triggers randomly so you might have to respring your device multiple times before it takes effect and the lockscreen does some real Harlem Shake.

click here to know how to install the harlem shake tweak

On the other side, we’ve got one more video showing a more realistic Harlem Shake that’s utter chaos – precisely the thing that I always see in Harlem Shake videos. This one has all the icons doing the shake. It’s funny and I tell you, it’s really chaotic. But most interestingly, you can trigger this as many times as you want with a simple Activator action!

This one was created by Filippo Bigarella and it’s not yet available publicly. It will be put up on Cydia shortly but till then you can enjoy the video.

Both the Harlem Shake tweaks play with the original music track that you’ve come to associate with the groove. Tell us which one looks cool and which you’d want to try right away!

How to get the Lockscreen Harlem Shake

  • Open Cydia and go to Manage → Sources → Edit → Add
  • Add this repo: Harlem Shake
  • Look for a file “com.bensge.harlemshake”iPhone Lock Screen Harlem Shake
  • Install it.iPhone Lock Screen Harlem Shake Cydia Tweak

Now, you’ll have to respring (a few times) for the effect to trigger. (Since it’s random, you might have to try a few resprings).

Note: This tweak may drain your iPhone battery a lot, if you keep trying it over and over again.