Handoff And AirDrop Not Working In El Capitan With iOS 9

Handoff and AirDrop not working in El Capitan with iOS 9 devices? Then check for the list of possible fixes below.

There are many users on Apple forums and other communities complaining that their Handoff and AirDrop features are not working. This issue is mostly noticed between iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan.

In case you are one of the annoyed user who isn’t able to use these features, then the guide below will surely help you. Before proceeding with the guide, we would recommend you to have the latest version of El Capitan and also iOS 9.2 on your iPhone or iPad.

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Handoff Not Working on iPhone and Mac

Most of the updates carry bug fixes for the issues of their previous version. In case you are on the latest version of El Capitan and iOS, but still facing this issue then read further for possible fixes.

Handoff And AirDrop Not working in El Capitan with iOS 9

  • Turn OFF Bluetooth on your Mac.
  • Delete /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.plist (In Finder → Click on Go → Click on Go to Folders.)

Click on Go to Folder on MacLocate Bluetooth File on MacDelete Bluetooth File from Mac

  • Now turn Bluetooth back ON.

This troubleshooting should definitely resolve your issue of AirDrop. By doing the above process, many users were able to make AirDrop working. Keep reading further if this did not solve the issue.

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  • Toggle OFF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both of your devices.
  • Sign out of iCloud from both the devices.
  • Now toggle back ON Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iOS and Mac device.
  • Sign back in to iCloud on iPhone or iPad and also on your Mac.

Try using AirDrop and Handoff to check whether they are working or not. If not, read below for other possible fixes.

  • In case you aren’t aware, the latest version of OS X El Capitan is 10.11.2, try updating to it.
  • If that did not resolve the issue, try resetting network settings on your iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings.
  • Reset PRAM and SMC on your Mac. To reset PRAM, completely shut down your Mac (Not sleep or logging off). Now press Command+Option+P+R quickly before the gray screen appears. This will reset your PRAM.

To reset SMC on Macs with removable battery

#1. Completely shut down your Mac and remove the battery along with power cord.

#2. Press power button and hold for 5 seconds.

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#3. Now plug in the battery and power cord and start your Mac. Your SMC has been reset.

To reset SMC on Mac with non-removable battery

#1. As usual, turn off your Mac completely. This time, no need to pull the power cord out.

#2. Press Shift + Option + Control along with Power button.

#3. Let go all the keys and start your Mac.

To reset SMC on Mac/PC

#1. Completely shut down your Mac and also remove the power cord.

#2. Press and hold Power button for 5 seconds.

#3. Plug in the power cable and start your Mac.

Resetting SMC and PRAM should have solved the issue, but if it’s still there, then all we can suggest is to contact Apple Support.

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