Halloween nights are fun and when the kids turn in for the night, sleep ain’t the first thing on the mind. A good game – stimulating, fun and entertaining all at the same time – sounds like the best way to spend some time? Here’s what you just need: Halloween Party App.

Halloween Party App is a trivia game where quick wits make you the winner. The game is designed for groups of kids (aged 6-11) and consists of rapid-fire questions to be answered in split seconds. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s filled with spooky adventure.

Halloween Party App for iPad

Unlike most Halloween-themed games, Halloween Party App takes an informed approach to the holiday fervor. Instead of plain old puzzles and other mindless games, Halloween Party App puts value on information, trivia and education in a fun way. The game is all about answering Halloween-related trivia but with a sizable dose of jokes and thrilling pictures that add to the charm. It’s spooky enough to leave you in awe at the end of every game session. And it’s social enough that up to four people can be a part of the game.

The folks behind the app – Together Learning Media – have their focus set on creating valuable apps that are not just plain entertainment. It is interesting to see how they’ve created a Halloween-specific app that makes sure the kids learn about Halloween in an entertaining way. Knowledge that gets into the system subconsciously stays longer and better and that’s precisely what the app does.

Halloween Party App is also open enough to let you create your own questions/trivia and add to the list. The Question Maker lets you create, design and tailor your own questions for the game.

The app is a cool party app for your kids. It can be played by kids and adults alike – and up to 4 people can play the game at a time. But roll up your sleeves: it’s not just fun but it’s fast and it tests your wits with all the rapid-fire questions and accompanying spookiness that drives the adrenaline.

Note: the app is compatible only with the iPad and iPad mini.

Price: $0.99
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