Until now Apple users have vouched for the best security feature in any Apple product and service. But after the XcodeGhost, people have become wary of the same products. Apple has to take this security breach seriously as the brand is all set to float two new smartphones – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

After the XcodeGhost, Apple is up against another security glitch in iOS 9. A video is circulated on social media and it shows how a hacker can trespass your iPhone even if he doesn’t know the passcode.

iOS 9 Security Flaw Hacks Bypass iPhone Passcode

Hackers Can Bypass Passcode on iOS 9 Device

The video shows that if you unwittingly leave your iPhone anywhere in a restaurant, multiplex or in the parks, it can fall into wrong hands and it is quite easy to bypass the passcode to use apps like Clock and Photos.

You can see in the video that after a few failed attempts to enter the passcode, the user taps on Siri and easily went to Clock app. From Clock, he could use the option to share through SMS, which further granted him entry to the iPhone’s text messaging app and details about contacts. He was also able to see photos and more.

It is highly recommended that never leave your iPhone unattended; whenever you go out, turn off Siri on lockscreen.

Also, turn off the access to Notification Centre and Control Centre when your iPhone is locked. This will stop the stranger to siphon off your precious data when your iPhone is left unattended.

We hope that Apple take some quick actions to repair this flaw in its latest iOS 9, which was launched on September 9 this year.

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