Good parenting is when you don’t need apps and accessories to keep an eye on your kid when you go to the park. Brilliant parenting – a superhuman feat – is when you can keep your kids from getting lost at a crowded department store without the aide of a tracking device.

And it sure sounds a little crazy to tag your kid with a cute little accessory that helps you track your child but folks over at BeLuvv seem to be confident about it.

We’ve seen a couple of accessories – Tile and Lapa – that help you track your stuff. Guardian works on a very similar premise but it replaces “stuff” with kids. It’s an interesting application of technology – that much is very clear.

Guardian iPhone & iPad App and Accessory

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Guardian is really a guardian angel. It’s a small gadget that can be tagged to your kid: it can be worn around the neck or around the wrist, or even just tucked safely away in a zipped pocket. Like Tile or Lapa, the small gadget relays signals that are picked up by an iPhone app.

Guardian iPhone & iPad App and Gadget

When your kid strays away outside a particular perimeter, your iPhone will ping you. It will not only tell you that your kid’s nearly out of the safety perimeter but it will also triangulate the position so you don’t have a hard time looking for your kid amongst a hundred others. Everything is configurable and unless you’re not familiar with distances measured in feet, you can configure what marks a safe distance.

Like other tracker accessories we’ve seen recently, Guardian also works as a social tool. If your kid has strayed too far away from the perimeter and is not in your vicinity, you can initiate a search instantly. The Guardian tag will instantly scan for other app users in the vicinity and will help you track your kid through other users. In fact, the Guardian app is quite good at letting you know who your kid is with – provided they have the Guardian app installed on their iPhones too. Obviously, having a lot of people install and use Guardian is going to take a long time but it’s a powerful feature.

Guardian iPhone & iPad App and Gadget from Beluvv

The accessory is basically a water-repellent polycarbonate stuff. It comes with a kid’s buckle and a kid’s bracelet in which it can be placed. You can either tie the bracelet like a watch or attach the buckle to the dress or a bag or an adornment worn around the neck. Anything flies as long as the Guardian stays attached to your kid.

Core features of  Guardian includes:

  • Warning even before your kid goes out of the safety perimeter
  • The ability to add more Guardians to keep an eye on your kid. Very useful when you are traveling in groups
  • A powerful and efficient search function that shows areas that have been searched, notifies when someone receives your kids’ location
  • Lasts 4 to 12 months depending on use. Battery can be replaced all by yourself – we’ve got to check out any how-to videos to see if the claim holds good. It’s a small device.
  • The compatibility is for iPhones and iPads (including iPad mini).

Guardian is still being funded over at Indiegogo. You can fund the project if you feel like contributing to a crowdsourced project.

Retail Price: $29.95
Check out Guardian at

  • Lindum

    Pretty sure all the author has done is copy and paste company PR. In my experience devices do not work (I have 10), and the website and App were knocked up to convince journalists that it’s all hunky-dory. This is yet again an example of Kickstarter projects that work for making Kickstater and scammers money, but not for the supporters.