gTar is a wonderful gadget (with an iPhone dock) that teaches you to play the guitar. The tag line goes like “The First Guitar That Anybody Can Play” and by the looks of it, I think it’s totally true.

The gTar mixes a smart guitar-like gadget with the power of an iPhone app to let users learn and just play their favorite songs on it. Think of it as an electric guitar but that doesn’t produce a sound by itself: it’s your iPhone that produces the sound as you pluck. With illuminated fret/note indicators, features like SmartPlay that mute the sound when you accidentally hit the wrong note etc., gTar sounds perfect for learning guitar.


When different layers of technology meet and collaborate, it’s a wonderful experience. In the case of gTar, art collaborates with technology in a seamless way. Now that’s very typical of Apple products and products that use one of Apple’s ecosystems. gTar is no exception but I think it stands as one of the more charming products that combine art and technology perfectly.

With the gTar, you can learn to play your favorite songs. There’s a sizable chunk of popular songs that come within the gTar iPhone app. And then there are three levels of difficulties: easy, medium and hard where you are required to just strum, or to play the note (guided by the lights). There’s the SmartPlay which prevents sound when you play a wrong note. The hard mode is where you test your wits.

gTar uses the iPhone to produce sound. There’s a dock where you can put your iPhone. This connects the iPhone app to the gadget so you can choose songs and it gets relayed to gTar. Also, when you play a song, the output is fed through the iPhone as gTar doesn’t have a speaker system of its own.

gTar, although designed to be user-friendly for first-time learners of guitar, is actually a fantastic gadget for all guitar players. And it’s particularly useful when you want to carry a guitar with you on a trip. It’s the perfect size.

gTar is available for order. You can purchase yours from here. It will cost you $399.

Compatibility: gTar is compatible with iPhones 4, 4s, 5, 5s/5c and iPod Touchs. You can also connect your iPad to it. The dock in the gTar is currently compatible with iPhone 4/4s (and iPod Touch) but lightning-compatible docks are entering production so you can slide-in your iPhone 5/5c/5s right into gTar and make music.

Also, according to the specs, there is SDK support for other developers to create apps for the gTar.