The story of Grove iPhone cases is, well, legendary but you wouldn't know it till you read it. (The guys underplayed it but that's how good they are!)

Grove released the iPhone 5/5s Bamboo cases for pre-order on September 5th, and ever since the release of iPhone 5, the cases have been doing pretty good, we hear. The strange combination of plant composite that feels like plastic and the bamboo outer-shell makes these bamboo cases a unique experience in itself. They've grown insanely popular right now and their catalog and product range is growing fast.

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There are plenty of options in Grove iPhone 5 bamboo cases. From a plain bamboo case to custom-made engravings on the bamboo case, you can have it all. (As on writing this, the shipping for iPhone 5 cases is two weeks).

The good thing about these cases is that it's all made of natural material:

Price Range

  • A plain bamboo iPhone 5 case sells for $79.
  • An engraved bamboo case sells for $99.
  • And a custom engraving, with your own design, sells for $129.

You can engrave the cases with some text too (Monogram).
The engravings can be on the back (top), back (bottom) and on the sides, with each engraving costing $14.99.

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Favorite Picks

1. Kong

Kong Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

How does a King Kong in NYC with classic fighters around (that look like WW I bombers) look on a bamboo case? Well, cool is one word I can think of. The case is just perfect if you're a Kong fan or if you want your friends to recognize the case's engraving instantly.

Buy Kong Bamboo Case for iPhone 5/5s

2. Submarine

Submarine Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

Rich, exquisite and a detailed engraving of a retro modern submarine with some clouds overhead. Well, that camera from your iPhone 5 just looks like the sun now. And it's kind of nice that the scope is out over the surface.

Buy Submarine Bamboo iPhone 5/5s Case

3. Flash

Flash is an ultra simple and neat engraved bamboo case for the iPhone 5 which makes your camera look like the source of a thousand rays springing outwards. Well, not exactly but I liked the idea. A $99 on this one looks a bit costly but hey, it's a craft anyway.

Buy Flash Bamboo iPhone 5/5s Case

4. Strata

Strata Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

This one's for the ladies! Strata is a cool, textured engraving for the iPhone 5 case. Comes with seven or eight layers of various design patterns that repeat horizontally. It's a cool design to go for, if you like patterns and stuff.

Buy Strata Bamboo Case for iPhone 5/5s

5. Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

Exquisite, rich and awesome. This again is part of the pattern crowd but it's unique. The design is simply amazing with quite a lot of details and it's crafted for perfection. The symmetric design looks beautiful on the iPhone 5 bamboo case.

Buy Norwegian Wood Bamboo iPhone 5/5s Case

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