Anything to do with lists are good for productivity. Ditto for remembering things so that explains why Grocery list apps for the iPhone are quite popular amongst shoppers.

Any to-do list app can be turned into a decent grocery list app but a dedicated app always wins. Features like price-tagging, calculations, bar code scanners, discount coupon finders etc. make them far more powerful than a simple to-do list app. We tried to pick a few minimal but best grocery list apps for the iPhone:

Best Grocery List iPhone Apps

Pushpins Grocery Lists

Pushpins Grocery List App for iPhone

This is one of our favorites. Pushpins is actually a coupon discovery app which also bundles a list-manager with the basic app. The new iOS 7-ish designs are quite good and make adding entries to the app very easy. There’s a ton of other features that the app provides, including recipes, aisle sorting, history of your shopping, favorites, nutrition facts and more. It’s actually a hefty app with the cheapest price tag: free.

Price: Free
Download Pushpins Grocery Lists


Anylist Grocery List App for iPhone

While it’s easy to call AnyList a “yet-another amazing grocery list app”, that wouldn’t be doing justice to the wonderful app. AnyList makes the concept of “shared lists” as easy as it can get. You can sync all your lists with others, collaborate on them and I think that makes the app a really good one for families. AnyList has a great interface and quite a bunch of powerful features.

Price: Free
Download AnyList

Smart Shopping List

Smart Shopping List iPhone Grocery List App

Smart Shopping List is for the more serious/conscious shopper who wants to automate a lot of stuff. This includes applying individual taxes, storing cards in the wallet (through QR/barcodes) and most importantly, with an In-app purchase, control budgets. Like I said, Smart Shopping List works good as a normal grocery list but it works even better when you are really into using a powerful app to manage a lot of your shopping.

Price: Free
Download Smart Shopping List

Grocery Mate

Grocery Mate Grocery List App for iPhone

One of the best things about being old-school is having a huge database of things. Grocery Mate might turn you off with its now-antiquated skeuomorphic design (reminiscent of iOS 5, 6 etc) but it’s the granddaddy of shopping list apps. It’s pretty easy to organize things with Grocery Mate and to share lists and most other sync-related stuff.

Price: $1.99
Download Grocery Mate

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ iPhone Grocery List App

Another of those old-timers who have built a reputation, Grocery IQ is truly a wonderful and powerful app for grocery lists. As said before, the app is pretty good with its enormous database, coupons, store locator, voice search, barcode scanner, favorites etc.

Price: Free
Download Grocery IQ

  • kdstm

    Idealist Shopping List is worth a try (free on iPhone only).