Griffin-one of the premium Apple accessory makers has unveiled four charging accessories at CES. The accessories, PowerBlock 3, PowerDock Pro, PowerBlock Wall Dock, PowerJolt Premium car charger, will be launched in summer or fall 2015.

Packed in with plenty of advanced features that Griffin has known for, the charging accessories seem to possess enough qualities to let you make a handsome choice. Let’s know more!

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Griffin Charging Accessories for iPhone and iPad CES 2015

#1. Griffin PowerBlock 3 Wall Charger

Griffin PowerBlock 3 Wall Charger

The PowerBlock 3 wall charger is equipped to charger three devices at one go thanks largely to 10 watts ports. The space-design with chargesensor technology has been made to detect as well as optimize the charging device.

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The wall charger looks to be of top notch quality and hence it is worth waiting for it to come.


  • 10 Watt ports
  • Can charge three devices simultaneously
  • Space-saving design with chargesensor technology

Price: $39.99
Will be available in Summer 2015.

#2. Griffin PowerDock Pro

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Griffin PowerDock Pro

The PowerDock Pro will come loaded with five ports and ports to charge your device with utmost efficiency. The 12 watts of charging power coupled with the advanced technology known as chargesensor circuitry, the pro will charge your device as fast as you wish.

With built-in cord management system and hidden compartment for cable storage, it won’t be a headache if you want to manage it properly. Moreover, you don’t need to remove the case of your device to charge it. All the charging bays have been best designed to let you do so hassle-free.


  • 5 slots and ports
  • 12 Watts of charging power equipped with chargesensor circuitry
  • Built-in cord management system
  • Hidden compartment for cable storage

Price: $129.99
Will be available in fall 2015.

#3. Griffin PowerBlock Wall Dock

Griffin PowerBlock Wall Dock for iPhone

The Griffin powerBlock wall dock with 12 watts will juice up your device much faster than you could expect. The four-feet long lightning cable will ensure you don’t have any difficulty in charging it at your convenient place.

It will let your device have smooth sync with it. The charger will let the touchscreen express itself without coming in its way.


  • 12 watts
  • 4 feet long lightning cable

Price: $34.99
Will be available in fall 2015.

#4. Griffin PowerJolt Premium Car Charger

Griffin PowerJolt Premium iPhone Car Charger

The GriffinJolt Premium features 12 volt power charger. The four-feet long cable provides just the comfort you may want while charging your iPhone at your desired place. The lightning connector with durable aluminium housing will last long.

The car charger comes with detachable power cable version that allows for a more fitting use. Given the price it may come with, it will be a steal any way you slice it.


  • 12 volt car charger
  • 4 feet long cable
  • Durable aluminium housing

Price: $34.99
Will be available in fall 2015.

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