Griffin has announced reversible USB lightning cable, Light Runner Armband and Car Connections Pack at CES 2015. The lightning cable hogged the most limelight as according to the manufacturer Apple has already approved it.

Griffin Reversible USB Lightning Cable,  Light Runner Armband and Car Connections Pack

The accessory maker has unveiled quite lot of eye-catching accessories at the CES 2015. Though all of them deserve special praise, the reversible USB connector can easily be termed as the most elegant among all. Read more to know what sort of other qualities it will come loaded with.

Griffin Reversible USB Lightning Cable

Plug It From Either Side

The upcoming reversible USB can easily be plugged in the USB portion of the connector from either side. Though the technology is not completely out of the box as Sony Dickson was the first to bring it, there is no doubt that Griffin will make the best out of this technology.

Griffin Reversible USB Lightning Cable

Anodized Aluminium Housing

The USB lightning cable will feature an anodized aluminium housing which will make it long-lasting. The braided nylon jackets will protect it from kinking. Besides being super convenient, it will be supremely durable too.

Available In Multiple Colors

The cable will be available in multiple colours. Hence, you will have a lot of options to choose from, just in case you want to get something that can go nicely with your iPhone.

Will Be Available For $29.99

The price of reversible USB lightning cable will be $29.99. The price may be a little on the higher side but expect it to be nothing less than the best. As to when it will enter the market, there is no news about it till now. However, it can be expected to come later this year.

Griffin Light Runner Armband

At the CES, Griffin introduced Light Runner Armband specially made for runners. The armband with the built-in LED lights will provide runners better visibility in the dark. The adjustable Velcro closure can fit arms up to 18-inches in circumference.

Griffin Light Runner Armband Case for iPhone 6

The touch through window will allow easy access to touch screen. It will fit iPhones up to 4.7 screen size. It will be available for $39.99 and may arrive in this spring.

As of now, There is no news as yet with regard to iPhone 6 Plus from same brand.


  • Built-in LED lights
  • Fits up to 18-inches arms
  • Fits iPhones up to 4.7 inches screen size
  • Touch through window

Car Connections Pack

Griffin’s Car Connections Pack will solve quite a lot of problems that you face in the car with regard to cables. The pack will boast of dual clip with AUX cable which will help you get rid of tangled cables. The PowerJolt charger will keep your device powered up on the go. It will be equipped to charge your device much faster than most other car chargers.

Griffin Car Connections Pack for iPhone 6 Plus

This is exactly the kit you would want on the drive. You may have to wait a little while before you can put your hands onto it but there is little doubt about it being pretty handy.


  • Dual clip
  • AUX cable
  • PowerJolt car charger
  • Available for $39.99 for both iPhone 6/6 Plus