Griffin’s MultiDock USB Charging Station for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

This one’s really niche and something that’s perfect for offices. If you’ve got a bunch of iPhones, iPads (and even Android devices), the Griffin MultiDock might seem like a must-have. And because it’s cool-looking with its brushed-metal finish and a really simple design, you might just love it.

Multi-docks for the iPhone and iPad have mostly been compatible with up to two or three devices simultaneously. The Griffin, while not a conventional docking station, fits perfectly in a situation that requires you to charge more than 3 or 4 devices at once. It can charge up to 10 devices at once!

Griffin’s USB Charging Station – MultiDock for iPhones/iPads

Compatibility: Griffin MultiDock supports charging of up to 10 devices: this can include iPods, iPhones, iPads, iPad mini amongst other devices.

A Classic Modular Design

The Griffin MultiDock USB Charging Station has a modular design that fits neatly in the living space. One of the first things we noticed about it is the brushed metal finish. Products from Griffin have a subtle and aesthetic focus on design and the MultiDock takes it one level up.

The MultiDock’s like a side-loading box. And while it’s large enough to accommodate 10 devices at once, it spans the length/width of the laptop.

A Powerful Charging Dock

Griffin Multidock Charging Station

One of the things about multi-docks is the average power that each port/dock outputs. That decides how fast your iPhone or iPad charges. Since we’re talking about 10 docks, a case where all of them are used shouldn’t reduce the output at each port. Turns out Griffin’s solved that already (they introduced a larger version of the MultiDock in 2012 too).

Each port outputs at 10W, 5V, 2.1amps. This is okay for the iPads (Apple’s official charger outputs as much) but this is really good for iPhones.

Sync if you’ve got a Mac!

If you run a Mac, you can connect to the MultiDock with a USB cable and sync your device too! The MultiDock comes with a USB charge-and-sync port too so you can not only charge the device but sync to your Mac if you want to.

MultiDock Is a Safe Too!

Griffin Multidock Charging Station with Lock

Just like the 2012 model, the new MultiDock doubles up as a safe for your gadgets. There are no padlocks to take care of. The lock’s built right into the steel door. And given Griffin’s reputation, it’s got to be a strong one.

At $699, the MultiDock can be a costly affair for but where multiple devices and security is concerned, there’s no competition out there that does as good a job as Griffin’s MultiDock.

Price: $699 ($539.62 on Amazon while writing this.)

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