This could be a great product for people who use the Square app and the reader very often to accept payments via the iPhone. The Griffin+Square Merchant Case for iPhone 5s is designed to protect the iPhone and keep the Square reader handy, with the iPhone.

Although this hits only a niche market, the case and the reader-store (at the back of the case) have been designed to help merchants who accept and process a lot of payments via the iPhone. The case helps you protect the iPhone and it’s designed in a way that lets you get consistent swipes with the Square reader every time.

Griffin Merchant Case for iPhone 5s with Square Reader

The Merchant Case has been designed in collaboration with Square. In fact, you get the Square reader along with the case for a definitely-cheap $19.99. Announced at the CES2014 along with other products from Griffin, the Merchant Case is the first one to be launched in the market. It ships in a week or two according to the website.

Merchant Case for iPhone 5s with Square Reader

The case is made of silicone: light-weight but quite a good protection. The case is designed so as to prevent any damage to the iPhone even when you drop it. It isn’t a stylish case though. It makes the iPhone look bulky but it fits your need if you carry around your iPhone while you collect payments. Kind of bonus points if you’re the traveling salesman processing payments on your iPhone.

The case comes with the Square reader which can be attached to the back of the case when not in use. It’s a neat cutout that fits the reader perfectly and safely.

Incidentally, the case also features a design which ensures that you swipe the card in the reader correctly. Since it’s a little tricky and you can have incorrect swipes, the case has been designed so you get to align the card perfectly.

Merchant Case for iPhone 5/5s is available on Griffin. Check it out.

Price: $19.99
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