How about having a Bluetooth speaker with the high quality, rich sound of wood? Though plastic wireless speakers are fine, they are not at par with the warm, grander sound of wood speaker.

Unlike other plastic wireless speaker, The Grain Audio PWS Bluetooth speaker boasts of high quality sound. It features a sleek walnut enclosure, a sound processor developed by the award- winning technicians of Grammy and a patented bass isolation system. It is available at just $199 with 20% off only on today’s exclusive deals for a limited time.

Grain Audio PWS Bluetooth Speaker

The FSC certified walnut enclosure is the epitome of superior performance. The resonating, professional sound processing makes the speaker unbeatable. The bass isolation system doesn’t let any rattling and movement distort the quality of sound across any surface.

It is ultra-portable and hence you can easily take it anywhere you wish. The 8 hours of playtime on a single charge enables it to go on along with your passion of listening music for the whole day long. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it very convenient to use.


  • FSC certified walnut enclosure
  • High quality acoustic performance
  • Professional sound processing
  • Bass isolation system
  • Portable
  • Rich sound

The Grain Audio is made for the guys who are in love with acoustic sound and just can’t compromise on the rich quality of music. Other plastic speakers may be fine but they are nowhere near to the richness of wood speakers.

The professional sound processing sets it apart and endows the resonance that thrills your heart. If unbeatable music is exactly what you are looking for, this wood speaker is made to provide you excellent sound. However, you will have o speed-up a bit to grab it as it only for a limited time.

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