I don’t know about you but I feel that the camera grabber icon on the lockscreen is pretty lame now. Sure it was an excellent feature when we first had it but I think it has become obsolete now. I don’t really use that icon and it has prompted me, in the past, to use tweaks like NoLockscreen Camera.

Until now, that is.

Ryan Petrich – who needs no introduction by the way – has released another new tweak out of his kitty which aims to make the camera grabber more powerful. How? Simple. Let the camera grabber actually do more than just pull the camera out.

Grabby, the tweak, lets you add upto three (updated) four more shortcuts to the camera grabber.

Grabby Cydia Tweak

You can set shortcuts for:

  • Phone
  • Message
  • Music
  • Camera
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • and much more

What’s most impressive about the tweak is that you can set specific apps for all these things. And it doesn’t even have to be the default Phone, Message, Music and Camera app. You can set, for instance, Whatsapp as the app that is accessible from the lockscreen.

Update: Grabby has been updated in an overhaul that adds enormous power to the tweak. You can now add any app to the lockscreen and most interestingly, you can set any icon instead of the default set. Yes, this means you can have the Gmail icon for the Gmail app and you can access this directly from the lockscreen using the grabber. Power in your hands, gentlemen.

How does Grabby work?

Tap and hold on the camera grabber. Then drag it left-wards and once over a shortcut icon (phone, message or music), drag upwards. This will open the particular app that you’ve assigned.

Grabby can be configured through settings.

Go to Settings -> Grabby -> and assign the apps for the shortcuts. You can choose any app and in fact, you can even choose unrelated apps. Like for Phone -> choose Clock and that will open up. But it makes sense to go with function.

Grabby is not yet available on any default repo. You’ll need to add Petrich’s repo.

Go to Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add and type the following:


Once you’ve added the repo, look for Grabby in Cydia’s search. Install and respring and set it up in the Settings to start using it.

Grabby Cydia Tweak Settings