Apple Receives 80 App Removal Requests from 11 Countries

Users' privacy and security are Apple's utmost priority, and therefore, the tech giant has published a transparency report. This report lists some countries sending Apple app removal requests.

Apple fulfills App Store takedown demands from several governments of eleven countries across the world. For the first time tech giant reveals the number of requests sent from governments to take down ‘unlawful content’ from its App Store.

The transparency report, as Apple calls it, covers 770 different apps; total, there are 80 requests. Notably, China sent the highest number of requests to remove 626 apps from the App Store.

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China Sends Highest Number of Requests to Remove Apps

From the total app removal requests of China, Apple removed 517. Apple explains that the Chinese government was more concerned about gambling and pornography content, and therefore, Apple took down apps that violated Chinese laws related to gambling and porn contents. “The request sufficiently demonstrated a valid legal violation.”

Surprisingly, there was no request from the United States. Apple has removed a total of 634 apps from its App Store. Apart from the above reasons, copyright violation and privacy breach were essential causes.

Apple also received requests for device data from different countries. Germany sent the most number of requests of 12,343, and Apple granted 77% of these requests.

There were 29183 requests for 213,737 devices worldwide. After Germany, the United States stood second with 4680 requests for 19,318; Apple granted 81% of the requests. Most of the requests from the US were related to investigations of stolen devices.

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In its transparency report, Apple says, “The company is very seriously committed to protecting your data, and we work hard to deliver the most secure hardware, software and services available.” Apple further notes, “We believe our customers have a right to understand how their personal data is managed and protected.”

App removal requests ask Apple to remove app from App Store

This transparency report covers the period between July 1 and December 31, 2018. Majority of senders are government agencies and US private parties.

Do you think Apple is committed to the privacy and security of users?

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