Swipe gestures are a boon when it comes to doing things on iOS (or any smartphone platform for that matter). Gotha is a new Cydia tweak that adds social shortcuts to all your contacts.

You can access these shortcuts just by swiping to the right on each of the contact. It’s a simple tweak but if you are an intense communicator, you’ll obviously like Gotha.

Gotha comes with a price tag of $1.99 and I think that’s a tad costly in the usual parlance of tweaks. Gotha’s one specific feature is that instead of having to go into the contact details to retrieve their information (Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Phone number etc.), you can actually access them just by swiping on the contact.

Gotha Cyda Tweak

Gotha is useful not for seeing the contact information but specifically for ‘action’ oriented functions: send a tweet, view Facebook profile, send a message, view website in Safari etc.

Gotha doesn’t change anything. It just clubs these data and presents them “iconically” so you can quickly access all the contact information.

As said before, Gotha isn’t a tweak for everyone, particularly because it’s a tad costly. If you find yourself using the Contacts app very often to make calls, send messages and access the social profiles of your contacts, you’ll find Gotha to be a boon. It is simple to use and obviously, there is nothing to setup. Gotha works fine on its own.

The tweak can be found in ModMyi repo.

Obviously, Gotha requires that you fill in contact info prior to using it. If there is no associated info for a particular icon (say, no Twitter profile linked), the tweak will just throw an error box saying no information was found.

Quick video on how to use Gotha Cydia tweak