Winterboard themes for the iPhone are a never-ending quest. Every week, a new theme crops up. Some of them are so-so but a few of them are gorgeous. And if you are an iPhone user with a keen interest in customization, you’re going to love this one.

Of late, the focus appears to be on flat and minimal styling. Since we’re talking about a flat design for iOS 7, theme developers seem to be interested in it too. And then there are those who develop beautiful, richly colored and textured themes for the iPhone.

Here’s the deal: we got a collection of gorgeous and occasionally minimal Winterboard themes for the iPhone. If you’ve got Winterboard and if you’re looking for the ultimate make-over, you’ve got to try these themes out.

Gorgeous Winterboard Themes for iPhone


Circul8 Winterboard Theme

We begin with an amazing theme that basically redefines the look of iOS. Especially the icons. I guess you’re mostly used to the rounded-rectangle icons by now but what if the icons took on a circular shape? And what if the theme itself is so wonderfully minimal and crafty that it looks stunning!

To me Circul8 is gorgeous. It’s kind of deliciously colorful but not overly so. The icons are minimal and heavily customized. The theme is perfect because it integrates well and brings awesome feature sets like Zeppelin logos, a few wallpapers to go with it, color variations etc. (which can be had from the GitHub repo here)

Repo: ModMyi
Price:  Free (for the original theme, $1.00 for white add-on theme)


Motif Minimal Winterboard Theme

Motif isn’t a totally minimal theme. But it sure looks amazing and works good too. Motif takes on a different level of skeuomorphism and before you frown upon that, let me tell you that it’s a beautiful change of skeuomorphism that will be cool. There are a few great things about the theme and then there are a few interface elements that I don’t totally like (for instance, the dialer).

However, Motif runs good and can be a welcome change for your current iOS theme.

Repo: MacCiti
Price: $3.99


FlatIcons Winterboard Theme

If you’re on the look-out for a true-blood flat theme for your iPhone, FlatIcons is the right choice. I’ve used the theme for quite sometime now and I changed the theme only for IMIUI. I am guessing that I’ll be back to FlatIcons after sometime.

FlatIcons is designed with custom icons that are flat-UI styled. And they’re gorgeous too.

You can use square icons or go for the usual rounded ones but the theme nevertheless is flat and amazing.

Repo: MacCiti
Price:  $0.99


IMIUI Winterboard Theme for iPhone

We did cover IMIUI on here at iGeeksBlog and truth be told, I’m still smitten by it. It’s a really colorful and gorgeous theme that’s close to being minimal but not completely so. While the icons are richly detailed and the theme itself has some cool features, the overall impression is not heavy or too rich. It’s simple and elegant and has all the grace that an Apple-sponsored theme will have.

Price: Free

Flat for iOS

Flat for iOS Winterboard Theme

Flat for iOS is another flat-UI inspired theme for your iPhone. It’s not as versatile and refined as FlatIcons is but think of this as a free alternative if you can’t buy FlatIcons.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

iOS 7 Flat Theme

iOS 7 Flat Winterboard Theme for iPhone

iOS 7 Flat theme is also a free alternative to FlatIcons. It’s similar to Flat for iOS but it’s not as minimal or frugal. I liked iOS7 Flat Theme when I had it (until other themes came along) and it works great. There are over 150+ icons specifically customized for this theme and the way it configures the interface for the notification center is kind of cool. Worth checking out.

Repo: Custom
Price: Free