Here’s Some Gorgeous iPhone 5c Cases Ready to Ship

Apple’s iPhone 5c cases have drawn mixed reviews – some have appreciated the bold dive into colors and some have written sharp criticism. Whatever be the case, I thought it would be a little time before we begin seeing third-party iPhone 5c cases in the market.

Obviously, there are remote producers already manufacturing and shipping iPhone 5c cases. Remember, the design of iPhone 5c is vastly different from the iPhone 5/5s which makes older cases unfit for the new device.

Anyway, one of our favorite creative outlets, Society6, came out with iPhone 5c cases.

Society6 is a community-driven art showcase where artists post their graphic designs. Based on the artist’s preferences, the designs can be applied to a variety of things including t-shirts, posters, framed pictures and most importantly, iPhone 5c cases.

Yep. Society6 – which was already doing iPhone cases for 5, 4/4S – now ships iPhone 5c cases too.

While most artist designs are customizable to fit an iPhone 5c case and be shipped to you, you can grab a look at all the iPhone 5c case-ready designs here.

While Apple’s iPhone 5c cases will cost you $29, the Society6 cases will set you back by $35.00 (excludes shipping and taxes). Within the U.S, the cases can run up to $45 apiece but that’s a valuable price for a high-quality case that features great art.

Designer iPhone 5c Cases

Society6’s iPhone 5c cases (all their mobile cases, for that matter) are made of Lexan – a stronger plastic than what you find in most cases. The description reads:

a one-piece, impact resistant hard shell case featuring an extremely slim profile. The lay-flat feature protects the front of your device by extending the bezel above the screen, while a silicone interior liner provides impact cushioning. Made out of an extremely strong plastic called Lexan, which was developed by GE. Lexan is a stronger, lighter, more flexible, and of higher quality compared to other plastic cases on the market.

iPhone 5c preorders started on 13th September and are scheduled to go out on September 20th. While there are strong indications that stock – this time around – is going to be in very short supply, those who pre-ordered and are lucky enough to grab the devices right in the store should obviously grab a case too. The device is sure precious.